Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nibble on my newest cherry, I CAUGHT THE SHERIFF

I stopped for gas one day and saw this man getting his own. For his BIG truck. With his Stetson on. Jeans starched and the crease just so pressed. Shirt, white and crisp. All dressed up, Texas All Man Style. Yes, ma'am. We do grow 'em like this down here.
I always say when I travel that I can pick out the gate where the plane for San Antonio is not by reading the screens. No, ma'am. But by finding the gate where all the men are dressed in Stetsons, jeans and damn good boots.
Here's a nibble of Lex Coltrane, rancher, attracted to the local sheriff, a gal after our own hearts for her sass and spunk: (Copyright 2011, Cerise DeLand. All rights reserved.)

“I’m asking no favors outside your bedroom.” One of his thumbs rubbed her lower lip, pulling it down. Man, he was dying to get inside every bit of her.

“Good.” She nipped him. “You won’t get any.”

He leaned forward, skimming his nose down along the warm, elegant column of throat. “But I want every one you’ve got to give inside it.”

She rubbed her hips against his. “Guaranteed. Follow me.”

Pulling out of his arms, she took the long hallway at a clip.

“We just passed the stairs, lady. Where are we going?”

“Getting supplies.”

Supplies. Condoms? Christ, never thought about that. She’d better have ’em. He was as unprepared for this as a sixteen-year-old in a drive-in parking lot.

But when she dropped his hand and reached in the refrigerator, he thought he’d die of ecstasy. She brought out two handfuls of ice cubes, then plunked them in a large bowl. Next, she produced a can of whipped cream and a jar of strawberry jam. From her pantry came a jar of butterscotch ice cream topping.

By this time, he had his hands on his hips, doubling over with laughter. “You planned this?”

“A girl can dream, can’t she?”

“Hell, darlin’, you look serious but you shock me outta my socks!” He grabbed her by the waist. “Gather up that stuff.”

“You like my menu?” She gave him a wide-eyed challenge.

“We’ll see when I lick it off you.” That’s when he up-ended her over his shoulder.

She screeched.

He swatted her behind. “Cut that out or I’ll drop you and that would not be sexy!”

“Wait! Wait!” She pummeled his back. “Turn around. I need the ice!”

“Got it?” he barked and when she yelped, he pivoted for her stairs. “Let’s get this fireworks started.”

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