Friday, March 25, 2011


Tickled by Terri's words about my new sheriff in town, from her review over at Night Owl:
"Lex Coltrane has two things on his mind at the local 4th of July parade and celebration. One was his new neighbor who has blocked the water in High Maria Creek depriving Lex of the water he needs for his herd. The other was the new sheriff, Lana. He’d love to get Lana in his bed but first, he needs to “save” her from a drunk cowboy.

Lana may be young for the position of sheriff but she has the experience needed to get the job done. When local rancher, Lex comes to her “rescue” how could she not accept his invite for lunch. She’d rather take him to bed than wander around the fair grounds talking to people. Lana can only hope Lex gets the message and accepts.

Though Lex and Lana find their way to bed, things get explosive. Lex’s neighbor claims Lex has run pipes from his property to Lex’s. Can Lana discover the truth? Will the truth force her to arrest her new lover?

This quick contemporary western has some awesome hot sex scenes, a forceful sheriff and a even more forceful rancher. Though I found the transition from fair grounds to bed a bit awkward, I thoroughly enjoyed the results. Lana’s character is upright and makes a perfect law enforcement officer. Lex comes across as a long time rancher who knows what he needs and how to go about getting it. Breaking the law isn’t the way.

The interactions between the characters is very well done. From Lex talking to his long time friend to Lana dealing with Lex’s neighbor, everything comes across as natural and possible. This could have been a scene right from any small ranching community.

The police work was good. It showed Lana was more than just a hot body with a pretty face. Lana needed to be respected for her abilities outside the bedroom.

Lex having lost his family was sad but his being able to look forward was inspiring. He also learned that women are not at all alike!

For a hot western fix, this story should hit the mark. Good characters, hot sex and a bit of plot makes this a fantastic quickie for that lazy afternoon."
And besides, said the author, that cover just tears me up.

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