Saturday, March 26, 2011


She GETS me! This reviewer really gets me. (Sally Field imitation here.)
This review?
"Here’s a book that will have you drooling over the US Southern voice. It oozes from the page, flows along like melted butter on toast, and puts you right there. This is my first book by Cerise DeLand, and if I had my way I’d read every single book she’s written if they’re all like this. Her voice is comforting, brings security somehow, like you know that no matter what happens, everything will turn out okay. I probably sound nuts, but I don’t care. When a book/author makes me feel this way, I know I’m onto a winner.

Belle has agreed to take The Cougar Challenge—bedding a younger man. The problem is, where she lives, everyone knows everyone else, and there are no young men available really. Also, her husband died, and she loved him. And I mean loved him. That love was extremely obvious—he was her “TheOne”, and no one else could possibly take his place. He taught her so much, and the fact that he was gone… Kleenex was needed. I felt how much she missed him.

She’s a wedding planner, runs this little business, and tries to make sure every bride understands what a marriage should be—like how wonderful hers was. When her old friend turns up wanting a wedding done PDQ, bringing two of her husband-to-be’s friends with her, Belle’s chance of The Cougar Challenge is right before her eyes.

Luckily, the two men take a shine to her, but they’re not the kind who just want to take her to bed and be done with it. No, she’s fortunate enough that they actually want to love her, and I was glad about that—it’s no more than she deserves, because she’s a kind, lovely soul who needed love so much since her beloved husband passed.

They embark on a delicious affair—switch your fans on, for God’s sake, and prepare to squirm in your seat (in a good way)!!!—and they let her know they’ll be sticking around. A sigh of relief later, because I didn’t want her used just for fun (yes, she got to me; I cared for her right from the start), she then has the job of telling her adult son what she’s been up to and what her plans are for the future.

Have the Kleenex handy again. My God, did I cry here? Yes, I cried a lot. Acceptance is such a precious thing, and the way her son handled her news was nothing short of wonderful. It showed she had brought him up right, that she’d taught him well and steered him on the good path.

The writing is solid, is dreamy and lush, and I loved it."
Wow. Solid. Dreamy and Lush.

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