Sunday, April 3, 2011

UNTIL MIDNIGHT gets a 4.75 Top Pick at Night Owl

THANKS to Reviewer Marika over at Night Owl for these kind words:

Nicole Welles never thought that her last job would come back to haunt her. Neither did she suspect that someone wanted her dead. Adam Molloy saved her life before she even knew what was going on. Who is Adam Molloy and why is he is so hell bent on revenge? Nicole and Adam’s worlds collide with this one case. They had better figure it out before both of them are dead.

I’ll be honest; I have never read an erotic suspense book before so I was intrigued. I am not sorry that I did, I just wish it had been earlier. The story is very fast paced, action packed and sexy. Nicole and Adam are hot from the very beginning but I found that even though the sex was hot, it really wasn’t necessary. The characters and plot kept me at the edge of my seat until the last page.

I confess I didn’t read book 1 in the series, but I feel that this book stands alone. I will be going back and reading the first book to learn about Maddie and Dan. This title is highly recommended and I can’t wait to see if there is a third one from the talented duo of Cerise and Desiree.


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You're welcome. I loved it. I didn't want to give too much away since it is a suspense book. LOL!

Harlie Reader said...

Of course, I know have book 1 but have not read it yet.