Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nibble on PAMPERING JESSICA by Tessie Bradford!!!

Welcome to my buddy, Tessie Bradford whose new book is a scorcher! And she has given you a nibble. Onward!

Pampering Jessica is my seventh book and is available now from Resplendence Publishing.

The story takes place over the weekend of Jessica’s fiftieth birthday, a milestone she’s having a bit of trouble coming to terms with. David, her husband of almost twenty five years, makes it his mission to remind her how much he loves and appreciates her and their life together.

I wrote this book in twenty one, very intense days. It was a personal gift from me to me! My goal was to celebrate the erotic romance goodness to be had between us married, more mature folk!

Pampering Jessica

Copyright: Tessie Bradford, 2011

“This has been great David—the movie, dinner, everything.”

“You make it sound like our evening is over.” He collected their dishes. “Stay here while I put these in the sink.” David had to make a conscious effort not to jump up and run to the kitchen. He settled for moving really fast. “Are you ready for your first present, Jessica?” he asked when he returned.

“First? There’s more than one? Yes, please!” She clapped and giggled.

David took both her hands and helped her up off the couch, using just enough strength to cause her to lean against him. He tilted her chin upward and kissed her, hard and long. Jesse moaned when he made certain she felt how aroused he was. “To the bedroom,” he ordered after ending the kiss. Still holding her tightly, he felt her heart rate increase.

“It’s going to be difficult to get there in this position.”

“Good point.”

David easily swept her up into his arms and carried her to the master suite. They’d worked with an architect to design the house. He’d been in charge of construction and she’d been in charge of interior decorating. One of her many talents was having an impeccable sense of style. The entire home was welcoming and comfortable, but his favorite room was their bedroom. She achieved a perfect blend of masculine and feminine elements. The furniture was cherry wood, stained a deep rich brown with brass hardware. The thick comforter and various sized pillows on the king size four poster bed ranged in color from light to slate grey. She’d chosen paintings with complimentary themes of ocean, beaches, and boats. Plush area rugs were artfully placed on the hardwood floor.

David slid her down his body until her toes barely touched the ground. Jesse held on tightly around his neck. He supported her with his hands cupping her naked butt cheeks. Her full breasts were crushed against his chest, her nipples poking him. He shimmied her across his cock and groaned loudly when Jesse lifted her legs to rest on his hips. Spread open, her wet heat seared through his sweats. She raked her fingernails across his shoulders, sending a shiver down his back, straight to his balls.

“So hot,” he murmured, backing up toward the bed. “I’ve got some nasty ideas in my head right now. Are you ready to play with me, Jessica?"

Ready? Jesse was fighting to keep from coming before they got to the bed! She might not be clear on exactly what he had in mind, but she knew the signs when her husband was in the mood to be masterful. She drew shallow breaths as he set her gently on the mattress, next to a metallic gold gift bag. She looked from it to him, waiting for his direction.

“Good girl. I was hoping it hadn’t been so long that I’d have to refresh you about the rules.”

“I hear it’s like riding a bike, you know, once you learn…” She let her voice trail off.

“Maybe your ass should be warmed before gift opening?”

“Whatever you think is best, David,” she said with humility while staring boldly at him. They had a number of sexual games in their repertoire, but this was by far her favorite. It was incredibly freeing for her to give up control, trust her man to lead her to the heights of pleasure. She just couldn’t give in too easily; where would the fun be in that?

“I think you want it too much at the moment.” He crossed his arms over his chest. “Show me what’s in the bag, Jesse.”



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