Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ONE TOUGH HOMBRE a good guy in a white hat, too!

MIZ LOVE got a double dose of my Texas Rangers' love and oh, be still my heart, she loves them both!
ONE TOUGH HOMBRE and previously posted here and there, TWO TOUGH HOMBRES!
I love how she picks out phrases that she adores.
Then tells you exactly why the book tickles her fancy!
Where is she?
What did she say about ONE TOUGH HOMBRE?
A few golden words:

"For me, this gave One Tough Hombre an edge because I could see him falling totally in love with her and that worry lingering in the back of his mind. Their unions are explosive, off-the-charts hot, and the Texas voice in Dane’s point of view is drool worthy. I loved his maleness, his alphaness, the whole wonderful package! I want a Dane of my own. One tough and sexy hombre.

Sentences she loved: He wore his Hard Ass Lone Ranger look.

His mouth was watering to taste all of her. To hell with the steaks.

And the rest of the review:

"With some lovely turns of phrase, some very Texas lines that make you feel as though you are there with them, One Tough Hombre is a great read that will have you thinking: Can love be bigger than any consequences? Can you ever cast aside the fear of what has gone before and love anyway? Is the risk worth it? Fabulous read! I love Ms DeLand's voice. She takes me away to another place, shows me things I've never seen, makes me feel things I've never felt. One of my favourite authors of Texas-based stories."

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