Friday, May 20, 2011

TWO TOUGH HOMBRES gets Golden Words from Miz LOVE!

Over at, they love TWO TOUGH HOMBRES.
Here are the words that thrill me:

I was touched by the depth of maleness that is Rico. He’s so…pwoar! So…MAN!

And the phrases the reviewer likes:

…when she was the pretty little blonde nerd who sang country and western with the soul of a wronged woman.

…dense as starless midnight…

Her heart seemed to beat even more quickly than his engine.

“…I’ll damn well brand you with it!”

She blessed his mouth with her admission.

And her summary:

"If you like a book where the hero is alpha, knows what he wants and goes all out to get it, plus the heroine getting what she’s always longed for when he takes more control than he has previously, then Two Tough Hombres is definitely for you. Rico leaps off the page and squirms into your heart, and the things he does and says have you squirming in other ways too!"


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