Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bang-on great words for I CAUGHT THE SHERIFF

Over at Whipped Cream today, a few wonderful words about my sheriff and how she gets her man!
Need a bang up 4th? Want to see how we do it in Texas?
You know you do.
Here it is:
Lex Coltrane has a thing for the new sheriff, a woman named Lana. 

This story has sexual tension from the beginning and it [never] stops even when Lex and Lana enter into a sexual relationship. The pacing is fast, the dialogue crisp and Lana comes across as not only a tough law woman, but one who knows what she wants in and out of the bedroom. In this particular case it’s Lex and the author did a great job showing us why. He’s sexy, smart and wants Lana no matter what.

The sex scenes are very hot and there’s something for just about everyone’s taste in erotic stories. Sometimes I laughed at Lana and wanted to cheer her on when she hooks Lex. I liked the idea that not only had the author chosen to make the law person female in this story but also enjoyed that Lana was a modern woman in other aspects of her life too. 

I thought the story would have a different ending and the one the author chose surprised me. It was satisfying and if you’re looking for a ‘quickie’ read for a hot summer day or night, this one fits the bill.
I Caught the Sheriff

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