Friday, July 8, 2011


Whipped  Cream's Best Book Sundae!
A fast-paced and exciting read from the very first paragraph, this story is truly riveting and magnetic in its intensity. Rarely have I found a more erotically thrilling and satisfying affair than the one between this powerfully sexual and dynamic couple. The voracious and undeniable passion they have for each other slams into them the instant they meet and is urgently and immediately answered.

Nicole is a sexy, independent woman who is also a highly trained security professional with her own agency. Adam is a human weapon of assault and defense for military, Massad. They are thrown together in a private resort in Mexico by mysterious circumstances, expecting solitude and rest rather that the full-scale assassination attempts that Nicole has become the target of. They meet suddenly when Nicole is shot at and Adam is there, out of nowhere, to save her life by taking out the assassin. That is only the beginning of their mysterious and unexpected battle.

The intensity of these two type-A personalities and their open and straight-forward approach to their wild, abandoned sex completely captured me. Their fierce attraction creates a raging hunger that they have no desire to deny. This results in an unexpected and unbelievably hot experience that follows them throughout a dangerous and exhausting adventure. Nicole and Adam become competent and exciting partners in this clever and gutsy crime thriller.

The pace and suspense of the story and the explosive energy of the love affair is addicting. There is just the right amount of tension and complexity to the plot, which is compelling in itself. I was impressed with the superior and subtle character development and the nearly flawless flow of dialog. Add to that the chemistry between the highly intelligent and active main characters and it spells winner.

Until Midnight kept me on the edge of my seat and was a fun, roaring-hot read. I have nothing but praise for Desiree Holt and Cerise Deland, and will follow this series wherever they lead. If you appreciate high voltage romance and adventure, and quality writing, then you will want to read this story.

Here is an eloquent quote from this highly romantic tale: “Yes, she craved him. Like sunshine and rain. And for an excitement and delight in living that she had never known until he took her in his arms and loved her with that fabulous body.” I hope you enjoy, Until Midnight as much as I did.

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