Wednesday, July 20, 2011

PART 3: MY SELF-PUB LIFE or How I learned to love new aspects of publishing

Sorry for the delay on posting Part 3. I got totally off my feed when Amazon Kindle put up Lady Starling's Stockings within 12 hours of my Post for Review!  Yes. I got hysterically happy.

Trust me. You will too after you have put hours and hours into this!
Onward with my further adventures!
Yesterday, after discovering that the book was up and for sale (and had gone through their review process so seamlessly), I was relieved but also trying to catch up with myself!
What did I have to do?
1. Notify and thank my friends, my freelance editor and my graphic designer/formatter who had done so much to make this happen.
2. Send the cover, blurb and excerpts to my website designer.
3. Get on Facebook and tell the world.
4. Try to post it on NovelRank, through which I track my books on Amazon. Alas, this did not occur quickly. Glitch in system perhaps? I was able to add it to my list today.
5. Realizing I still needed to add an excerpt to the Kindle page, I have spent (no lie) the last few hours attempting to do this. Result? It seems a sample is available if one asks for this by clicking right on the page. Oh, duh.
6. Now I must also go in and find ways to list it in various Kindle promo vehicles. Not certain what all of those are yet, but I will return and list them for you!
7. Have I tried to put this up on Smashwords for Nook, etc., and ARe yet? No, but I will soon.
8. Meanwhile, I am all too aware of the fact that I must send this out for reviews. Because this is self-pubbed, only I can do that. I have a few ideas in mind for reviewers and of course, I will purchase advertising for LADY S., as I do for each of my books. Perhaps I will buy more than I usually do, just to  become a pervasive commodity!
9. One interesting aspect of publishing on Kindle I learned was to not only put the book into the proper categories, but today, I tagged them appropriately too. 
What are categories? Think divisions of the library: Fiction, General, Romance, Erotica, etc. 
What are tags? Think sub-genres or descriptives: Regency, Historicals, Romance, Erotic Romance, etc.
All in a days work, eh?
10. One thing I heartily suggest you do before you publish (and this is for already published authors who have books up on Kindle) is to become an Amazon Affiliate so that you can earn money from Amazon for the sales of your books from your website, etc.
Part 4 of this series will soon come after I post the formats through Smashwords (into various vendors like Nook, Kobo, etc.) and into  I will be intrigued to see what happens in ARe as I sell a tremendous number of books through that vendor.
Please Follow this blog to be aware of my next Parts of this Series. I will discuss how to select a designer, an editor, how to be efficient and smart about it all and save yourself time and money.
Then too I will talk about strategies and how well I think this book accomplished my own goals. 
Thanks for reading--and happy publishing!

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