Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Meet Holt DeLand! PR Assistant extraordinaire!

Holt DeLand, PR Dude for Desiree and Cerise
Desiree and I could not be more fortunate! A man who cooks, knows wine, chocolate, books our travel and does all things vital to 2 madcap authors who have no time to do anything except write, promote, brush teeth, write, promote...well, you get me!
He's a sweetie, bang on smart, graduating from very very decent places of higher you-know-whats.
He is available for blogging...and has gotten his first invitation. Friend him on FB and follow him on Twitter!
His Thang? (It's big, I know, I know.)
With every post he gives out One Piece from his Package. Ah. His PR Package. (That's right. Is that right, Des? Nodding over here is Desiree Holt.)
The other night, he cooked dinner for the both of us. He had bought a Joel Gott Charddonay to go with our  steaks, salad and dessert.
Try this wine!
$16.00 down here in Texas. A Napa Valley product. We plug all our homemade products, because we believe in Buy and Made in America, whenever possible. Stick with him and you'll get more tips.
Cerise does the lingerie and recipe Thang, and Holt DeLand does the wine.
What a pair.

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