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Menage anyone? Welcome my pal of 15+ years, Myla Jackson with her newest!

by Myla Jackson
Welcome back to the Ugly Stick Saloon with this story of approximately 19,000 words. Join Charli in her final adventure. The time has come for her to decide which cowboy she wants.
Welcome back to the Ugly Stick Saloon with this short story about Charli's first erotic adventure.
Choose or lose...
The time has come. After a fabulous night of sex, Charli thinks she's in love with Connor Mason, but he's told her that he's a one-woman-man and that he's looking for a one-man kind of woman. What's a girl to do when she's got a kind, decent and sexy hot cowboy in one hand and a mystery, masked, black-hatted cowboy with friends lurking in the shadows?
Does she go for the one she knows who will always be there for her and never let her down? Or does she opt for the adventure, excitement and possible desertion of the one who remains anonymous?
Desperate times call for...
With her decision pretty much made, Charli knows she will have to break the news to the losing team at the Cowboy Masquerade Ball. Wouldn't ya know, nothing turns out the way she plans.
Welcome back to the Ugly Stick Saloon with this short story about Charli's final foray into sexual fantasies with the cowboys of Temptation, Texas.
Warning: Mystery cowboy plays one last dirty trick on an unsuspecting, completely confused saloon girl...add a bit of anal sex, begging and noon naughtiness and you might get the sexually satisfying experience you were looking for all along.

Chapter One
Light streamed through the gap in the wooden blinds, the beam falling across the rumpled sheets, warming Charli Sutton's skin. She stretched, her eyes blinking open to the brightness of the room. A glance at the clock confirmed the time was near noon. She'd never slept better.

Charli yawned, pushed hair out of her face and ran a hand down her neck to her naked breasts, and froze. Eyes widening, a flood of memories washed over her, heating her body, sending fiery signals of lust straight to her pussy.

"Connor," she whispered, her eyes darting to the pillow beside her. Instead of the studly cowboy, Connor Mason, a crisp white piece of paper lay in the gentle indention where his head had lain. On top of the paper lay a deep red rose from Charli's own garden.

Her insides churning, Charli sat up straight, disappointment her first reaction, knowing the note meant he'd gone. And she'd had such a rush of needs overwhelming her, she'd hoped he'd be there to satisfy them or at least take the edge off before she faced the day.

Had to go to work. I'll see you at the Cowboy Masquerade Ball tonight.

Charli clutched the note to her chest and cupped the rose beneath her nose, the warmth of hope filling her.

He wanted to see her again.

She sank back against the pillow, a smile curling her lips. Connor had been so gentle and yet forceful making love, not once, but several times throughout the night.

A delicious ache centered at her entrance where the friction of his thrusts had send her reeling over the edge of orgasm more than once. His lips had seared a path from hers all the way down her throat, skimming across the swells of her breasts.Charli trailed the rose along the side of her neck and downward to the tip of one nipple. The areola drew tight in response, still sensitive from the burn of Connor's beard. She circled the tip with the velvety smooth petals, spurring longing deep inside, tugging at her core, sending waves of cream-filled desire to her pussy.

She moaned and squirmed beneath the rose, sliding it lower still, across her ribs, skimming past her bellybutton to the furry mound at the apex of her thighs.
His lips had been there too, his fingers parting her folds, exposing that little bud of nerves, ripe and pulsing, ready for whatever sweet torture he had in mind.
Charli's heels dug into the mattress, just as they had when Connor spread her knees wide and laid down between her legs, gathering her bottom in his big, calloused hands, lifting her pussy to his lips.

The flower brushed lower, slipping past her dampened pussy, tickling the insides of her thighs. She let her knees fall open, the cool morning air kissing the moisture pooling in her vagina. With one hand, she brushed the rose across her cunt, with the other, she dipped a finger into the heated wetness, sliding it up to her clit bringing a thick coating of come.

Not as powerful as Connor's tongue, but good in a pinch.

She closed her eyes and remembered how it felt to have his mouth on her, licking and teasing, flicking her most receptive erogenous zone, blinding her with such a bright array of sensations she thought she might die from overexposure.

Her finger tapped her clit then slathered it in moisture.

Connor had licked her, swirling his tongue around and around, shooting spurts of adrenaline and desire through her bloodstream. As it was now, the tingling began in her outer extremities, traveling with lightning speed to her center.

Charli moaned, her back arching off the bed, the speed with which she stroked her clit increasing until the pleasure bordered on pain. Her finger stilled, her hand cupping her pussy pressed down, until the orgasm peaked, the sheer beauty of the sensation bursting through to brighten the midday sun.

As she fell back to earth, Charli sighed, pulling up the sheets over her breasts. She dragged the pillow Connor had used against her body in a poor imitation of the solidly built, muscular cowboy.  She'd much rather awaken to the real man, making love to her body.

Maybe next time. She grinned and squealed into the pillow. Connor Mason had finally made love to her, and the experience had been everything she'd hoped and dreamed of.
As the rest of the night came back to her, his final comment before she'd drifted off to sleep came back to haunt her.

I'm a one-woman kind of guy. I wanted to be sure you were a one-man kind of girl.

The beauty of the day faded into a pall of guilt and worry.

Charli had been dating Connor while seeing a mystery cowboy after midnight. Granted, she'd never said she was going to date Connor exclusively when it all started between the two of them. And she still didn't know who her mystery cowboy was. At this point, that fact barely mattered. She hadn't seen the stranger in a week, nor did she care to. Connor was the man for her. He was gentle, kind, a war hero, a sexy cowboy and now...she knew without a shadow of a doubt, he was great in bed.

What more could a woman ask for?

Myla Jackson
…Sinfully Sexy
Six Degrees of Desperation (Dirty Tricks) - Kindle, ARe, Nook, etc.
Boots and Chaps - Samhain Publishing 

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