Thursday, March 22, 2012

100 Top Bestseller in Amazon, Best Books of the Year!

Oh, boy. Is this a great time in my life!
A LONG TIME COMIN' has been in Amazon's Top 100 Best Seller list for weeks now!
This was one of the Sassy Seven's Toys-4-US tales that still sell so very well.  (Do go see our new website:  My gal pals and I are just tickled this series has done so well.
We were even invited by Decadent Publishing to debut their new line, The Edge, with our Valentine's Day series, called--what else--VALENTINO's!  This was named for the guy from whom each of the 7 purchased their chocolate wine.  Yep. That's our fave.  We drink it often when together.  And that togetherness becomes more and more frequent as we now go to each others' homes for "retreats" (yeah, right.) and conferences (to promote but also to schmooze.)
And of course, we also do on line pr together.
The way to succeed in this business is to have a posse you love.
Back to BIZ!
I also have a book nominated for BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR over at The Romance Reviews.
STRONG ARMS OF THE LAW is up for Best Erotic Western of 2011!
Confetti! Balloons. Hysteria as I revel in my Texas Ranger who falls for the sassy little crime writer sought by a nasty gun-running cartel!
Just finished the second in my new western series, Knights in Black Leather about a town with few women and loads of hot men. This is for EC and debuts...soon.
First one is ROPE ME IN.
Third one...soon afterward.
You won't want to miss any of these which will be a series of BDSM, menage and more and lots of hot Texas lovin'!!!

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