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Combustion by Berengaria Brown is a hottie!

Let me just say, wow. Wiping brow.
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Combustion” has received three reviews and all of them gave it their top score, so I’m very excited about that.

I attended a funeral where there were way too many people squeezed into the room. And I thought, “What if the man whose body is plastered to mine was young, unattached, gorgeous….?” 

Xonra Gibson attends the memorial service for a friend, and is embarrassed to be attracted to the broad-shouldered hunk squeezed into the chair next to her at the overcrowded event. It turns out the delicious Glenn Hilton is partnered to the equally yummy Morgan McLean.
Xonra allows her hormones to lead her to the men’s apartment for an incredibly hot one-night stand and three fiery orgasms, a personal record for her. The men are determined to spend more time with Xonra and get tickets for a weekend at Berisford Village a historical tourist attraction whose owner happens to be a difficult client at Xonra’s PR firm. The village is fascinating, the accommodation luxurious and the orgasms stupendous, but Xonra is convinced something under the surface at the village is wrong.

ADULT EXCERPT from “Combustion”: All rights reserved. Copyright 2012, Berengaria Brown

While they’d been soaking, the bubbles had dissipated and Xonra became aware of the men’s gazes fixed on her breasts, which were now clearly visible under the water. She stared down through the water and was pleased to notice two upstanding cocks.
“I could help you out with your problems,” she offered, glancing from the men’s cocks to their faces.
“I don’t want to waste it. I’d rather save it for a little later,” Morgan said huskily.
“Me too.” Glenn slid across the tub and pulled her toward them both, holding her lightly in front of them, one hand trailing across her breast reverently.
The men looked at each other, nodded, then spoke in tag-team fashion. “How do you feel about taking the two of us inside you?”
“Double penetration.”
Sweat broke out across Xonra’s forehead, her heart started to beat faster and harder and a flood of cream dripped from her pussy. “I’ve been thinking about that. I want it so much.”
“You do?” A huge grin split Morgan’s face and he tugged her legs onto his thighs. “We’ll make sure you are properly ready for us. You will enjoy it, we promise.”
“It’ll be the best orgasm you’ve ever had,” added Glenn, moving in behind her and pressing his hard-muscled chest against her spine.
Xonra leaned back and rested her head against his shoulder. “I know you’ll both look after me. You’re very considerate lovers.”
“Oh we will, we will.” Glenn cupped her breasts in his palms, gently massaging the globes, teasing a finger along the sensitive underside, then painting across the nipple with a few of the lingering bubbles.
Morgan was massaging her calves, her ankles, her feet, pressing the pads of his fingers into all the dips and hollows, easing the muscles and tendons, soothing and stroking her skin, then playing with each toe in turn.
Xonra closed her eyes and reveled in their touches. Both had large, strong hands, Glenn’s very tanned against her paler skin, whereas Morgan’s skin color was close in shade to hers. But Morgan’s fingers were longer and leaner, his stroking more rhythmic, and he used the heel of his palm in a unique way to massage her.
Glenn’s touch was firmer, more determined, but just as arousing in its own way. Now he was twisting and stretching her nipples, elongating them and pinching them. Morgan had lifted her right leg high in the air and was licking behind her knee, then puffing hot air on the place he’d licked. Despite the fact that they were in a hot tub full of water and surrounded by steamy air, it was still an incredibly erotic thing to have done to her.

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