Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I know details about Marilyn Monroe and Napoleon!

I know strange and wonderful facts. I use them in my novels.
What might I know?
What's Marilyn Monroe got to do with vintage clothing?
And why might Napoleon have had arsenic in his blood?
These are burning questions I, as an author of many types of romances, have answers for. And you definitely want to know them, don't you?
Recently I did research on Marilyn for A LONG TIME COMIN', my TOYS-4-US series story with my SASSY 7 pals. (It made it to #30 on Amazon's Best seller list!)
Marilyn's gown, into which she was sown, for her Birthday tribute to President John F. Kennedy once went on the auction block in the late 90s'. It was one of a kind. When it sold, the price was more than $2 million. In A LONG TIME COMIN', my heroine owns a vintage clothing shop on the River Walk in San Antonio. She has the only other copy of the dress. Of course, this is fiction I created! But she also wears it and waddles in it along the River Walk. Giggles. Do come read about Cait and her Delta Force hottie lover, Ram!
MM sings happy birthday to JFK

And as for Napoleon?
Once historians learned his autopsy showed he had arsenic in his blood, many thought he might have been poisoned. Not so, says research now. But a recent discovery about wallpaper may give a clue. REALLY?
In the nineteenth century, green was a favorite color for room decor. In fact, green wallpaper was the craze. But the wallpaper's color was secured with arsenic and mercury. People in the rooms breathed this in to their own despair.
In which of my novels do I talk about Napoleon?
COME post and tell me which one. The person with the most right answers wins one copy of a book from my backlist!

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