Thursday, June 14, 2012

Menage, a quatre? Or one at a time?

What is your fancy?
I have a few ideas for you.
Two partners are better than one. Three better than one? Or one at all times?
Can sex be so creative with one partner that two sounds like too many in bed together? A lot of my writer friends claim two is definitely the trend for popularity.  But what are the dynamics of that coupling?
Do you not wonder how every person in the melange feels about all of the others? I do. Big time. In fact that is what I spend my time and attention on in every book I have written where more than two people enjoy each other at the same time sexually.
In HER THREE-WAY MERGER, the heroine explores her feelings for the two boys who used to live next door to her.
In HAT TRICK, I created a fine Texas lady. A cougar who wanted one man to love her well, my heroine wound up with two men who did. And were they hard to handle? Hmm. You have to go read.
Now in my KNIGHTS IN BLACK LEATHER series at EC, I have created an entire town with a shortage of women. The men are creative about finding good ones, too. In ROPE ME IN, we have Cara Ford offered some good lovin' by three brothers. Can she handle them? Why would she want to?
All of these emotional issues she must come to terms with before she agrees to their offer.
What would you do if more than one man wanted you in his bed for the night? For the rest of your life?
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Kathy Kulig said...

Menages are hot! And fun to write. I have a number in my books. Different dynamics depending on the people involved. It could be just for fun, sexual journey, emotional experience, a complex love affaire, or a combination. And it can become even more unique if it's a paranormal story. Love your manages Cerise.