Saturday, June 9, 2012

Renee Field celebrates her 10th, KISSED with a HUGE kiss for you!

Is he not gorgeous????

     When you think of fairies do you think small? Think again. Kissed showcases my version of the Fey and trust me nothing about them is tiny. The Fey women are themselves about seven feet, with long white hair. The men are never allowed to be taller than Fey women as I’ve made it a matricidal society, but they’re about six foot six, built like football players—think wide shoulders and muscular thighs. I love it when I get to create a world where women rule.
     The Druids I created are a separate powerful race. When the Fey queen wants to rule all the realms and sends her spy Cael into the Druid camp to befriend the powerful race, the last thing she expects is for Cael to develop feelings for the humans, who the Druids guard. And, the last thing Cael expects is his Druid-friend and teacher to be the one to expose his desire to help the humans. In doing so, Cael gets thrown out of the Fey realm to Earth and for added punishment he’s gifted with immortality.
     What gave me the idea to start this erotic paranormal story?      Well, normally my passion is writing about mermaids, which I call Sirens and Titans, but I wanted to try something new. Like with most ideas, I sought inspiration through the many myth books which litter my bookshelf. I was flicking through my Celtic myth book when I spotted a story about a warrior Fey who was battle-raged over a slight from his Queen. This was the germ of an idea. I started to plot out in my head what would happen if this Fey fell for a mere mortal and that’s when Tara came into existence. But, since I wanted to create a strong female, I made Tara flawed. When readers first meet her she’s stuttering, and lacks conviction but with one kiss from Cael her destiny changes. Tara is tossed into a world like none other and she discovers within herself her inner strength.
     Tara sort of reminds me of myself. Years ago I was told I’d never be a writer. I’m celebrating this month my 10th book with Ellora’s Cave and I’m overjoyed with my writing journey. To celebrate I’m giving away a full set of my Ellora’s Cave publications – that’s 10 ebooks to one lucky commentator. Tell me what you like to read? Who knows it might help me start another book. See 

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Hi Renee

I love to read a wide range of books. Everything from Lora Leigh's Breeds series to Sherrilyn Kenyon, to Nalini Singh, to JD Robb, Nora Roberts and Harlequin/M&B.

Paranormal and fantasy romance allows the writer and the reader to go on such amazing journeys, no matter if set in the real world or another realm. :)

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