Thursday, June 7, 2012

Teri Thackston's EMILY Award winner poses: Do you know a ghost when you see one? WOW, for her new paranormal Regency!

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Could you tell the difference?
Ghosts are a popular topic on television and the Internet these days. Just look at the programs and articles that are available. Have you ever seen a ghost? Could you tell the difference between a ghost, a dream and a real person? The heroine of my newest paranormal romance, Wait Until Moonrise, has that very problem.

Bria Leighton arrives at Beaumarith Castle seeking her forgotten past. On the first night, she dreams of a handsome man kneeling in a pool of moonlight at her balcony door. The next night, she sees that same man standing in the moonlit ballroom and—when he vanishes before her eyes, she believes he is a ghost and so flees from him in terror.

Nicholas Pierce, Earl of Beaumarith, was born in the eighteenth century but has been trapped in Beaumarith Castle since rejecting the marriage proposal of the sorceress Saffira. She cursed him to a living death that can be broken only in the moonlight by his one true love, and he has been trapped in the castle for more than two hundred years.

Now Bria, unlike anyone else, can see him. She can hear him, can even touch him. She must be the one true love who can free him. But she believes he is a ghost or a figment of her imagination. Can Nicholas convince Bria that he is neither ghost nor dream? That he is real and is destined to free him from the curse? Can Bria resist her growing attraction to the handsome specter or will she accept that he is real and then give up the life she had planned—and the flesh and blood fiancé who desperately needs her?

In spite of her fear, Bria falls for the charming specter that only she can see, but even as she comes to accept that Nicholas is real, she resists because she’s already engaged to be married. Meanwhile, eerie happenings prove that Saffira is still alive and plotting once more to claim Nicholas. She threatens to destroy anyone who gets in her way…beginning with Bria.

How would you react upon seeing a handsome specter in a moonlit castle? Could you stand your ground when facing what appears to be a spirit…at least long enough to find out what it really is? Have you ever had such an experience that you’d like to share in the comment section below?

Wait Until Moonrise has won the Emily Award for best paranormal romance, and has placed in other contests before it was published in May. It is the book of my heart, one I kept back from the world until what I hoped was the perfect time.

Wait Until Moonrise by Teri Thackston is available exclusively at Amazon – including the Amazon Prime program – at Teri, herself, can be found at, or


Shelley Munro said...

Sounds like a cool story. If I saw a ghost I'd be trying to persuade myself it was a dream. I'm not very brave :)

Maryellen said...

Very cool premise! I would definitely investigate....I've always wanted to try ghost hunting :)

Teri Thackston said...

I went on a ghost hunt once...loads of fun but too many people. I'd like to do a private one with the Ghost Hunters or Ghost Adventures crews some time.