Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Two Lips gives IS THAT A GUN IN YOUR POCKET? a Recommended Read and 5 LIPS!

YAY!  THANKs to Tim at Two Lips for a great review of my newest Texas sheriff and the gal who lives next door to him!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Recommended Read
Book Image
Title: Is That a Gun In Your Pocket?
Author: Cerise DeLand
Publisher: Wizards in Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Publication date: April 27, 2012
ISBN: none
Pages: 88
Series: none
Reviewer: Tim

Heat Level:     M/F, oral sex
Go west, young woman, go west! Is That A Gun In Your Pocket? by Cerise DeLand introduces us to Mae Montaine, who has moved from New Jersey to a small Texas town to look after her young niece Emma after Mae’s sister and brother-in-law are killed in an auto accident. The house she inherits is next door to that of the attractive local sheriff, West Farraday. The accident-prone Mae is always getting into some kind of mishap and West is constantly coming to her rescue. She is attracted to the hunky lawman but he has yet to make a move on her, causing Mae to wonder if he finds her lust-worthy. While she ponders this, a few things happen to make Mae think that perhaps her late sister was involved in something sinister.
Will Mae uncover the rather mysterious goings-on that pose a risk to her and Emma? Will West finally come around to her charms and prove whether that really is a gun he’s packing? Cerise DeLand has written a delightful story that flows at a good pace. Her characters are appealing, and there’s a light touch of suspense to offset the romantic interplay between Mae and West (get the joke in the title now? Good.) Her depiction of the toddler, Emma, adds just the right amount of cuteness without being syrupy. The sex scenes are hot, explicit and satisfying without being gratuitous. This book will definitely appeal to fans of classic romantic comedies. One can easily picture Doris Day as the cute but klutzy Mae and Rock Hudson could embody the stoic exasperated hero who bails her out of one mess after another. Is That a Gun In Your Pocket? is a fun romp with something for everyone. 

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