Monday, June 4, 2012

Where in the world do you go in your favorite books?

I love to pack my bags and leave town!
Loving such research, I take my readers to those places too. My accuracy of description is what I pride myself on when writing these books. Yes, the cities and the places are REAL. In fact, you can go eat in the restaurants I describe, take the boats I tell you about, like the vaporettos in Venice and river boats down the Thames in London. You can stroll the piazzas I describe, buy leather goods in the right section of Firenze and eat chocolate in the square in front of the copy of the statue David!
Where would you like to go today?
Mexico. In LAID BARE.
Venice, Italy and Paris, France in the sequel to LAID BARE, CARRIED AWAY:      
I have a really big place in my heart for Italy, especially Florence and the rest of Tuscany, as in MIA DOLCE.
In the Nemesis series I write with Desiree Holt, we take you to many of these places and more! Rome, Naples, London, Paris, Barcelona and a few American cities you love. See them all here:

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