Monday, July 23, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things: Plots and a giveaway!

Some plots just trip our switches.  To launch a new blog series about my favorite things, I thought plots the best place to start.
What are mine?
My Marriage of Convenience plot,
Regency style!

I love a marriage of convenience. People who decide or who are forced to marry for a reason neither likes, but for some other reason must give in to is one where I get to savor a conflict that many experience.
Some wed for fortune. Others because they are blinded by fame. Others because they mistake friendship for love. And still others because they mistake lust for love.
Working out these troubles in a romance is a joy to read for me. A joy to write for me, too.
Here are a few of my favorite buddies’ plots. And yes, all are members of the Sassy Seven!
First up, Desiree Holt! (
“I like a kickass woman who meets an alpha male in a thriller of a story. As they fight over who protects whom, they fall in lust and then in love.
"Another favorite is when old friends reconnect after many year."
My pal, Regina Carlysle ( says, “My favorite all-time plot line is friends who become lovers. I just think it's sweet and I love seeing two people realize they are 'more' than what they'd thought.
“Call me a sap but I also love stories where the heroine is insecure about one thing or another and through the love of the hero, she learns that she is GREAT just as she is. So many times, writers believe their heroines should be 'picture perfect' but let's face it, nobody really IS. I love to see the heroine re-discover herself and like who she is.
“I also love stories about heroines/heroes who have had some tough knocks in life but through the love and acceptance of hero (and often his friends and family) she finds home and support.”
Friend Brenna Zinn ( declares, “I like the angst. Woman can't stand man.  Man feels the same way.  Angst is high and there's loads of sharp banter.  But their attraction is as strong as the angst and they can't deny their feelings.  They give in to lust, then quickly find they can't be without each other.  They are two halves of a whole.
My second favorite is where the man truly loves the woman and I get to read through all of his thoughts and feelings about her.  He does what he can to step up to the plate and win over the woman of his dreams.”
Sassy 7 buddy, Nicole Austin ( says, “I love stories where the hero and heroine are total opposites, they just clash, but all that intense clashing creates undeniable passion. A passion neither can ignore for long. Where there's smoke.
I adore a kick ass heroine who is equal to the alpha male in every way. They don't need to be coddled or taken care of. In fact, they are more likely to save his ass when he does something stupid.
My favorite have to be heroines who go against societal conventions. Whether it be in a historical where the woman refuses to be quiet and demure while sitting and doing needle work all day or a modern story where she's going against rules set for her by men, such as the corporate glass ceiling. She not only crashes through that ceiling, she obliterates it so other women aren't limited by the damn thing.
“Yes, the common denominator is strong women! IMHO, there's nothing worse than a whiny heroine who can't take care of herself and must have a man do it for her.”
Oh, AMEN, Nic!
Now, what are your favorite plots?
Tell us! And to one who comments, I will give away one of mine of your choice!!!
And do Get Naughty with all 7 of us Sassy ones at our NAUGHTY SLEEPOVER in February. (


Anne said...

I love all of the above. I like when couples reunite. I just love the hero who has a military or criminal justice background. He's tough, likes to take charge, but inside has a deep desire to be loved. He's got to be really strong, but not a a jerk about it. I love women who can stand up to him. I love women who buck the norm. There's got to be sparks. I love when they finally get together, work out most of their differences (there's always still a few, right?). I LOVE LOVE LOVE when they can laugh. I want to see passion and humour.

Kathy Kulig said...

Great post. I love a variety of different dynamics betw. hero and heroine. I love a strong heroine who is on an adventure but gets in over her head and an alpha hero who thinks he can help but only makes things worse.

Delicious Romance From Cerise DeLand said...

ANNE and KATHY! Thanks for coming! Both of you have won a book of mine.