Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Why I write about Cowboys, ranchers and Texas Rangers!

Yep. I live in Texas and I live, breathe and meet Texas men every day of my life here.
I didn't always live here, breathe here, meet Texas men anywhere!
But I do love 'em.
Tall, short, slim or beefy, these guys have the corner on taking the bull by the horns! (mixed metaphor, yes.)
Why do I like them?
Let me count the ways:

1. I love their humor. Quick. Pithy. Wicked. They are funnier than a one armed cheerleader at the championship game. Always. (Comes from trying to eek out a living pounding desert and rocks!)
2. I love their hats. Big. Black. White. Tall. Gambler. Stetson. Resistol. Does not matter. Every man looks good in a hat. Tanned. Hard. Pale eyed specimens of testosterone.  Most are just plain beeee-u-tiful!
3. I love their hips. Lean. Muscular. ‘Nuf said.
4. I love their Friday night pressed- for-the-dance-hall jeans. A man hasta look like he’s courtin’!
5. I love that they know how to dance! Hot damn! The men here know how to do the Two Step and line dance. Give me a man like that, puleese, for a few spins around the floor.
6. I love that they open car doors and other doors. They take their hat off to you and darn, if they don’t smile and say, “Howdy, ma’am.”
Get to know a few of my cowboys and sheriffs and ranchers, would you?
My newest is a ménage a quatre, ROPE ME IN from EC. Three brothers, ranchers and business men especially when they sell themselves as a group to one lucky woman!


Michelle V said...

And thank you for writing about those Texas men and cowboys! :) I also live in Texas and I do appreciate the men here. I grew up in Missouri and there are things that still surprise me here sometimes. lol

Michelle V

Delicious Romance From Cerise DeLand said...

Michelle! Thanks for coming over. I agree with you about Texas life style and culture. It is different and for those who have never been here, it can be a shock at first.
But after a while, wow, boy, howdy, you get yourself going in the right direction and you appreciate it!