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Can Bad Boys Be Good? Welcome Kathy Kulig!

Can bad boys, I mean really bad boys, be redeemed and become heroes? That question will be answered, at least for demon Dante Akanto, in my new release from Ellora’s Cave Damned and Defiant. Readers love the Alpha male and many times there’s a tortured side that makes these Alpha guys lean toward a dark side. I asked a few friends to come up with a few movies where the bad guy was redeemed. Redemption stories can be very powerful stories and creates lots of conflict in a romance novel.

One on my favorite movies I think is a great example of bad boy redeemed is Pitch Black with Vin Diesel as Riddick. He plays a dangerous criminal marooned on a sun-scorched planet with deadly creatures that come out when the sun goes down. He’s their savior as the survivors struggle to fight for their lives. Another movie is Return of the Jedi. Darth Vader has been the evil villain throughout the series, and in this movie, he becomes a father trying to save his son. Other characters and/or movies: Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, Tim Robbins in Shawshank Redemption, Megamind and Marko Ramius in Hunt For Red October. In National Treasure 2, Book of Secrets, the bad archeologist sacrifices himself to save others, even the Terminator performs an act of heroism in one of the remakes.

When I planned the three-book story arc for Demon in Exile I knew Dante Akanto wasn’t the worst of the bad guys, Gwyllain, the demoness and ruler of Anartia was the ultimate evil villain. But I planned to have Dante as a continuing antagonist throughout the series until I got reader mail. Readers wanted to see Dante find love. Readers cared about him, the bad guy.

They sympathized with him because of HOW he became a demon. Over a hundred and fifty years ago, he was dying, betrayed and murdered (almost) by his ex-wife. Demons from an alternative world rescued him and gave him immortal life but for a price. He had to do the demoness’s bidding. He retained his human side which is shown during various crises.

Then in book one, Desert of the Damned, Dante does one heroic deed and readers get a glimpse of this human side. I believe it was this point readers found hope that he could be redeemed. What ordeals does he have to go through to get there? What choices? And at what cost? That’s the rollercoaster ride Dante is faced in book three. Demon and mortal in one Alpha body struggling on two war fronts— an alternative dimension and Earth. Check out Damned and Defiant to see if love and courage can conquer the demon.

Damned and Defiant
Paranormal Erotic Romance
Ellora’s Cave, Release date: August 15
ISBN: 9781419940804
Book 3 in the Demons in Exile series. 
Mortal women surrender to Dante’s seductions. He is a Drone, an immortal who feeds off their lifeforce energy—the chi that keeps his kind alive. When his dimension is on the edge of destruction, Dante must seek the help of one special woman.
Haley Moore is a Sha Warrior—a mortal with excess lifeforce energy. She has always had a strong attraction to Dante and when they meet again he thinks luck is on his side because his quota of chi energy would be obtained after one scorching scene with this mortal. But the problem is that he is overwhelmingly attracted to her and once with this woman won’t be enough.
Haley tries to draw out the man buried deep within the demon. Their fierce, undeniable passion unravels his plans and threatens her life. Can Dante bear to abandon her when he leaves Earth forever? Dante will have to choose whether to return to his world or to give up his immortality and share his future with Haley.

Excerpt: (Copyright 2012, Kathy Kulig. All rights reserved.)
The skinwalker—part man, part coyote—shifted into his human form as he gazed upon the young woman, his quarry. She removed her clothes and dropped them onto the cool, desert sand. She gave him a lustful glance as if she was the one controlling the seduction. “Nice trick with the coyote. Are you a magician?” Her words were slurred. But the trance hadn’t taken hold.
“Something like that,” he answered. He felt a flush of heat on his face. How the hell was she still aware? Something wasn’t right. This Kithra was different than the others, and he wasn’t sure why. He slid his hands over her arms and sparks skidded across her skin.
“I love the desert at night,” she added as her eyelids flickered. The air around her body crackled with electricity, her short, blonde hair stood out from the static. Not his usual choice for Kithras. He preferred ones with long, dark hair like the Drones from Prygos. It had to be her level of energy that drew him to this one.
“Yes,” he murmured, then waved his hand over her face, deepening the trance with little effort. He extended a finger and ran it down the side of her cheek, her neck, between her small breasts and cut diagonally across her flat stomach to her narrow hips. When his finger skimmed close to her pubic area she shivered and moaned. She was a slight creature with an athletic build. He preferred his Kithra to have a few more curves but she would provide adequate chi for his needs. Pointing to the blanket, he smiled when she complied and stretched out on it, her arms and legs spread.
Dante Akanto gave her a knowing smile, stepped back and paced around the naked woman. He watched her hands slide over her breasts and rub her pussy. “Fuck me, Dante.” She writhed on the Navajo blanket, deep in the sexual trance, almost ready for the offering. A rush of hot, sexual sensations surged through him and his cock hardened. No! He had to fight his urges or he’d risk killing her during the collection.
Beside her, a campfire blazed, keeping away the night creatures of the Arizona desert. She moaned, teasing him with her sultry movements and her scent. The look she gave him made him ache with a desperate hunger. The woman’s sexual appetite could yank her out of the trance if he wasn’t careful. Dante swirled the energy field around her, easing her deeper into his spell. Her eyes glazed over.
Better. Finally, this Kithra was becoming receptive to his influences. Her energy level was high and hard to manage. Probably a Sha Warrior. Lucky for him to pick a mortal with so much lifeforce. He’d meet his quota after this collection. Moving over to his Harley, he removed the rest of his clothes, cowboy boots, leather pants and hung them over his bike.
Naked and fully aroused, he stood over her and stroked his cock. The woman was quite beautiful. Was she purposefully downplaying her appearance by wearing worn jeans and a baggy T-shirt? What struck Dante the most was her eyes. Large and golden brown, they shone with intelligence, but also appeared dark with despair. Like a polished jewel that had lost its sparkle. He sensed a toughness within her, a fear maybe, brought on by a life of tragedy or loss.
Don’t get personal with your quarry.
He’d seen her walking along the highway alone. Young, attractive, fearless and carrying a backpack. A traveler? Homeless? He didn’t know. She was the perfect Kithra or quarry. She accepted his offer for a ride, with a little telepathic influence on his part, and he’d driven her out into the desert. No one would see them here.
She’d laughed when he’d swung the bike off the road, heading into open desert. While he made a campfire, she’d taken his Navajo blanket from the saddlebag and spread it out by the fire. Now naked and in trance, he craved to take her as a mortal man would take a mortal woman, but he couldn’t. She didn’t need to be naked for the collection. And tonight it was making his task more difficult.
Dante had to make his quota of human lifeforce energy to the demoness of Anartia. The immortals needed his offering to maintain their world. If he failed, he’d be replaced—destroyed—by Gwyllain, or her consort Tarik, the rulers of Anartia.
The woman watched him with hunger and lust in her eyes. The need to climax was great. His cock ached. But he’d have to wait until the offering. Stay in control. The more he teased and prolonged her orgasm, the better the harvest of chi. She whimpered as she watched him work his cock.
Straddling her body, he knelt on either side of her waist. Dante leaned forward and stroked her breasts, then eased his hand over her belly and between her legs. The woman sucked in a breath. The aura around her body told him she was close but he wasn’t ready to harvest her energy yet. As he rubbed her clit, cream coated her folds and moistened his finger. He plunged inside her pussy and shoved deep. She cried out, raising her hips off the blanket. The scent of her arousal was mixed with the scents of the desert—the earth, the sage and mesquite. He loved the desert, and he loved taking his Kithra here. The distraction of its beauty helped him control his own desire.
“Fuck me or lick me. I can’t wait any more.” She reached down and grabbed his cock and squeezed him.
Damn, it felt good. But he pulled her hand away and pressed both arms above her head. He couldn’t risk having her touch him like that. It’d been so long since he’d had the pleasure to seek release with a human.
Leaning forward, he brushed his lips over her nipple, then bit gently and rolled his tongue over the erect peak. He repeated the tease to the other nipple and she moaned in pleasure. “So good,” she breathed.
“Yes.” He didn’t even know her name. No matter. She wouldn’t remember him after the collection. “Stay still,” he ordered.
“Yes.” She nodded and stopped writhing but he still ached to drive his cock into her. A vibration surged through him as he prepared for the harvest. Opening his mouth, he held his lips close to hers without touching. She parted her lips as if anticipating a deep kiss and her chi energy flowed in a stream of light from her mouth into his. She cried out as the orgasm shattered her but he held her down. His cock throbbed and his balls tightened, his body tensed, aching for release as the chi energy rushed into him. Control, control. He had to slow down or he’d drain her.
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