Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Need your shot of Regency romance? Free: LADY STARLING's STOCKINGS

At Amazon:
Just finishing up a few days of NBR (Nothing but Regency) reading, I'm plugging my own—and it is free everywhere!
LADY STARLING'S STOCKINGS has a suspense twist to the romance and, as with all my others, it is not only a scrumptious romance, but historically accurate to the day and month!
Lady Starling is a widow living in Naples right after the British have reclaimed that city from Napoleon. A spy for the British Crown, she must find a traitor in her brother's household. Alas, her contact does not appear! She frets until an old acquaintance appears at a masked ball. Monsieur Noir, as he calls himself, is more than merely a courier for the Crown. He is her oldest friend and her first lover.
Find them both at Amazon, Smashwords and ARe. For Free!

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