Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Other End of the Bookshelf? A man who writes erotic romance, Tim Smith tells us where that is!

I’m a man who writes straight contemporary erotic romance.

Now that we have that out of the way and if you’re still reading, allow me to present my credentials. I’ve been a published author for ten years. I have nine books out and two more slated for release later this year. One of my books is a bestseller and I’ve won several literary awards. I’ve done personal appearances from Chicago to New York to Key West, and many points in between. I blog two or three times a month and usually get good responses. My books have consistently received above-average reviews.
So why am I still a virtual unknown in the romance world? Read the first sentence again.

I grew an armadillo’s hide a long time ago because I’ve spent many years working in a field populated mostly by women and I’m accustomed to being one of the only men in the office. Gender-specific remarks and jokes don’t bother me but in the world of romance stories, there seems to be a bias in some circles, an unwritten rule that says “No guys allowed.”  

A couple of review sites told me flat out that they wouldn’t review a romance written by a man unless it was male/male. One publisher said the only way they would consider my submission was if I used a pseudonym so their readers wouldn’t think a man wrote it. At book festivals and RomCons I’ve been shunned by readers and bloggers, and one well-known author actually laughed in my face when I told her what I write. I’ve also been shot down on chat boards with the opinion “a man can’t write a believable romance.” I’d like to counter that one with the following review quotes, all for different books.   

“The sensual scenes are beautifully written and perfectly illustrate the evolving emotion and attraction between the characters.”

“Tim Smith has a great deal of talent for writing erotic scenes.”

“I enjoyed reading The Sweet Distraction as it gave me a new perspective of the male/female relationship from a guy’s viewpoint.”

Anywhere the Heart Goes is a fun, enjoyable romp through the often confusing world of relationships. It artfully and humorously portrays the eternal struggle of men and women in their complicated dance of getting along.”

“This is a beautiful portrayal of an evolving romance between two individuals.”

Please don’t think I’m complaining, because I’m not. I’m truly grateful for the successes I’ve had and for being accepted by many readers and peers. A wise person once said “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” I suppose the point I’m trying to make is “Don’t judge an author by their gender.” You might miss out on something pretty good.

Tim Smith is an award-winning, bestselling author and a freelance photographer. His latest release is the romantic mystery Lido Key from eXtasy Books. More information about his books can be found at his website,


Adriana said...

Hi there Tim - I've read Lido Key and loved it! I co-write with my husband under our pen name, no problem convincing me men can write romance. Kudos to you! Hope we'll run into you at a convention someday.

Tim Smith said...

YOU were the one who read "Lido Key"? Thank you!!!

Seriously, I'm glad you liked it and I'd love to run into both of you at a convention someday.

Tim Smith

Kate Hill said...

Great article! Gender stereotypes are one of my biggest pet peeves. There's no reason men can't write great romance.