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"Writing is outstanding...characters stole my heart!:" 5 Roses for my ROPE ME IN!

Rope Me In by Cerise DeLand
Series: Knights in Black Leather (# 1)
Release Date: May 18, 2012
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 139
Source:  Publisher

In Bravado, Texas, the men are good and plenty…and lonely.  Not inclined to remain horny bachelors, the three MacRae brothers devise a plan to find one fine woman and get the good lovin’ they deserve. One gander at the new gal in town, charming Cara Ford, and the cowboys decide to do some old-fashioned courting. Then they’ll offer her a thoroughly modern deal—all three of them, just for luscious, lovely her.Cara has returned to Bravado to rebuild her life after cutting the cord to her self-centered husband. One man was a pain. Why would she want to tie herself to three ranchers known for their wildcattin’, no matter how sexy?  Undeterred, Jed, Harry and Will rope her into their daily lives, sweet-talk her into sharing their torrid nights, and set out to convince her that three hard-lovin’ men in bed is better than one.

Review:  Rope Me In by Cerise DeLand is a hot erotic romance about three sexy cowboy brothers who have been searching for the perfect woman.
Cara Ford grew up in Bravado, Texas following the MacRae brothers around with a huge school girl crush on them. When she was fifteen her family’s home burned down and they moved away. Now, years later, she is a grown woman recovering from a bad marriage. She has moved back to Bravado to go into business with her aunt. The MacRae brothers are still single and she has seen each of them around town. Rumors have her curious about the brothers, and then a package mix-up gives her the perfect opportunity to go visit the ranch and maybe find out if the rumors are true.
I very highly recommend this book and give it a rating of 5 out of 5! The writing is outstanding and the characters stole my heart. I couldn’t pick a favorite of the three MacRae brothers because I think I’m in love with all of them. I really liked Cara and was rooting for her the whole way. She’s strong and independent, but she’s not perfect. She’s flawed like the rest of us. The character development is great and we get to know each of the brothers. They are alike in some ways and yet each one is their own person with different personalities. Cara is still wounded from her marriage and she still struggles with issues from that. Not only are they getting to know each other, but Cara is learning things about herself as well.

I was completely hooked from the very start and couldn’t stand to put it down for even a minute. The heat level is extremely high, but there’s more to the story than just erotica. There’s family drama, small town drama, and romance. It’s a bit mysterious as we get to know each brother and anticipate how things are going to turn out. I thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish. At about 139 pages it’s a nice length because it’s long enough to give the reader a chance to really get to know the characters and their story, but without having to get into an overly long novel. I have been wanting to read Ms DeLand’s books for a while, but this is the first one I have had a chance to read. I am definitely a new fan.
THANK YOU SO MUCH to Romancing the Book for this lovely review. Soooo tickled your reviewer, Michelle, loved it! : http://romancing- the-book. com/2012/ 08/review- rope-me-in- by-cerise- deland.html

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