Monday, September 17, 2012

Debuting CARVED INTO HER HEART by Bebe Balocca

My first erotic romance, “Carved into her Heart,” is out today from Total-E-Bound! I have more titles to follow, but “Carved”, like certain other milestones in my life, will always be special because it’s my first.

Under a different name, I’ve been writing for years – humor, cultural commentary, educational passages, parenting articles, and even book reviews – but I’d never before had a work of fiction published, much less an erotic romance. I wanted to pull out all the stops and blast my literary inhibitions into outer space. “Carved” is a total-e-taboo ménage story that describes every decadent second of a very unexpected night in the woods of northern Scotland.

“Carved” was written in response to a Total-E-Bound submission call. TEB requested stories about shapechangers who weren’t your average werewolves or vampires.

Shapechangers… shapechangers… hmmm…

My inspiration came in the form of distant memories of one of my kids’ favorite cartoons. Kinda sinister, but darkly compelling:


I love gargoyles’ power and overall grotesque coolness. They’re intricately carved statues way up on rooftops, where few people ever get to admire them up close. I think the gargoyles on ancient structures were imbued with a certain reverence and power by their creators. They’re there for a reason.

So I wondered…

What if those gargoyles came to life at night?

What if they had sex on their minds and YOU in their sights?

Would you run away screaming?

Or would you see just how hot a night with living creatures of stone could be?

Here’s an excerpt from “Carved into her Heart”:

Jasmine woke in a disoriented haze. The thin light of dawn trickled down through the forest. The same trees that were in her dream crowded overhead and the same cool, damp air filled her lungs. "Just a dream," she told herself as the details faded from her memory. All she could recall was a rigid stiffness inside her, another couple fucking right next to her, and her own odd feeling of rightness with the whole scene.
Her inner thighs and pussy were drenched. Jasmine reached inside the waistband of her long underwear and found her swollen clitoris. She snuggled down into her sleeping bag and grasped at the remnants of her dream. That monstrously huge organ and the decadence of having another couple entwined just inches away... Jasmine brought one hand to her breast and tugged at her nipple, imagining the flickering, forked tongue from her dream playing with her tit. She breathed faster, stroking herself more urgently. There had been a woman standing spread-eagled, her head thrown back while her lover buried his long tongue between her legs. How would it feel, she wondered, to trace one hand up that woman’s soft thigh and find the silky entrance to her pussy, and then slowly push a finger inside...

Check out “Carved into her Heart” (and read a longer excerpt) at Total-E-Bound and look for my next novel, “A Ghost on Two Wheels,” in October. Find me on Facebook and on my site 

Many thanks to Cerise for inviting me to pop in. I’ll be seeing you,

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Bebe Balocca said...

Thanks so much for having me over, Cerise! It's a real treat to visit your blog, and I loved sharing my thoughts about "Carved." :)