Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saddle up for NAUGHTY SLEEPOVER! A readers and writers weekend like no other!

Ever attended a convention with BDSM demo, sex toy demo and male strippers?
Say wha? Did not hear you. I know you've attended lots of conventions in your day. My 9-5 type conferences focused on financial planners. Stock brokers. Team bonding. TOTAL SNORES, right?
But I have one for you that you won't EVER FORGET!
The Sassy Seven's Naughty Sleepover in February in San Antonio at The Menger Hotel.
And for ladies who want to have a great weekend, laughing and learning about stuff that perhaps you've not known too much about before, this is your weekend. In a safe environment. Controlled. Only with other women.
Women who read erotica.
Women who write it.
Women who enjoy getting away from their significant others and maybe taking home a bit of knowledge to spice up their love life.
And if that cake needs icing, we have all of this:

  • GIVEAWAYS of books and bling.
  • A great little city that you can safely walk in. 
  • A hotel, historic and comfortable, as well as affordable.
  • The Alamo across the street, just in case you need a shot of history with your strippers, BDSM demo, line dancing, fun games and Tex-Mex dining. 
  • A conference fee that includes 4 meals and one Chocolate Extravaganza.
  • Authors to schmooze with.
  • Editors to pitch your story idea to! (email me to get on the list:
  • Sassy Seven babes who are giving away tee shirts, books, bling of their own!
  • Raffle baskets.
  • (Yes, you will need another suitcase cuz your carry-on will NOT hold all this!)
  • And love.
  • So what are you waiting for?
  • Go to 


Morticia Knight said...

I want to go so bad Cerise! I'll have to see if some other obligations can be pushed aside for this one ;-)

Toni said...

I can't wait! You gals sure know how to throw a party!

Kathy L. said...

I ready. Just bought my boots so I kick up my heels and do some dancing. Oh Yeah!