Tuesday, October 16, 2012

ASSUME THE POSITION! Yoga with a side of good lovin'

Welcome Tanith Davenport and her newest short in an anthology that looks HAWT!
Tamar Brennan is depressed. Instead of going to a party at Delta Phi with her girlfriend, she’s freshly dumped and stuck indoors with only her roommate for company - her very hot, also gay roommate Elyse, on whom Tamar has been nursing a secret crush for months. Elyse has always kept their relationship strictly friends – apart from one drunken kiss which Tamar has never forgotten.
     Alone in their room drinking wine, the conversation turns to Elyse’s yoga training. The sight of Elyse’s slender body moving through yoga poses is too exciting for Tamar to resist, and Elyse is willing... but can Tamar convince her to break her just-friends rule in the cold light of day?

My new short Assume the Position is about two sorority sisters who are also roommates. Of course,  I could have just made them roommates in a standard college dorm, but there's something about sororities that attracts me when I write.

Over here in the UK, universities usually have plenty of societies - I spent a lot of time with the Film Society, the Italian Society and for some reason the Role-Playing Society (I blame my ex for that one) - but we don't have the Greek system. If we had, I would have joined. I grew up reading American college novels with indecipherable names and longing to be a member.

I'm not sure what it is. Possibly it's the sense of belonging. I always loved being a member of a group when I was a student; the busy social life, the circle of friends within easy reach. The thought of constant sorority and fraternity parties is also an attraction; I know sororities are also about leadership and community, but that's never the part that comes to mind.

And of course, the main pull? The opportunities for erotica. There's just something sexy about sorority girls floating around in babydoll nighties, getting drunk and seducing frat boys, or suddenly finding their hot roommate very attractive after several glasses of wine.

Which brings me back to Tamar and Elyse in Assume the Position... and I hope you like it!

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