Monday, December 3, 2012

THE RUT! At our house, see what's happening, baby!

Fresh from southwest Texas, 'tis the SEASON, baby, for the rut!
Here, for your viewing pleasure are a few pix of just a few of the happenings in my back yard. LITERALLY.
These are some BIG BOYS and we hardly ever see them come out from cover. This dude is a hefty 8 pointer!
We do see 10 and 12 pointers eager for action.
This next guy does not like the fact that I seem to be in HIS territory. He and our dog love to do the Mexican Stand-off thingie and our puppy is too young and too smart to challenge him. Thank god.
Here we have THREE BIG BOYS who cruise together. And two of them have a contest in mind. What you do not see are all the females to the right of this pix who, one might imagine, are having a girls' day out...looking for action?
Now we are getting down to BIZ, baby. BIZ. This horn-rattling went on for over an hour. Winner?
Who knows?
Do they rut in the open? Nope.
But they the effects of having Done It. know what...around with them. AHEM. From this pix, you cannot tell what I mean but you do KNOW what I refer to.

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