Saturday, January 12, 2013

JAGGER's MOVES, #3 in SEALs ON FIRE series out now!

Jagger’s ready to cast off the weight of his SEALs responsibility, if only for a few days. Except his mom’s a pro with guilt which has him standing in the airport waiting for his childhood friend. Maybe a quick lunch, a fast game of catch up and he’d be out the door and on his way to the bar where his teammates were waiting.
Alexa’s eager to see Ty again if only to prove her silly girlhood crush was just that, a crush. Except when she finally sees him all those old feelings come rushing back combined with a woman’s needs that leave her trembling with desire.
A few days is all they have, but will it be enough for Lexa to finally put her fantasy hero in her past or will she permanently succumb to Jagger’s moves?

This is one of 7 hot stories about members of a SEAL team who take stand-by in Key West for a few days...and a few hot nights!
Get yours now.

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