Thursday, May 2, 2013

My One Truth about the writing life is...what?

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At the London Book Fair last month, author Nail Gaiman kicked off the event by taking about the Brave New World of publishing. Yes, unlike Scott Turow and his narrower point of view, Gaiman declared, in essence we are about to see an explosion in publishing.
I agree.
We already see all of the following:
·      Blogs about Trad vs. E
·      Blogs about Self-pubbers who do well giving advice on how to for those not selling so well
·      Formatting businesses
·      Graphic Design businesses
·      Copy Editors and Proofers
·      Previous 3 rolled into One Vendor
·      Interactive books (and that software development)
·      Interactive websites coordinated with books
·      Publicists who do all of the following:
·      Blog tours
·      social media tours
·      FB and TW specialists
·      newsletters, press kits, video press kits, you tube interviews, etc.
Romantic Suspense
My mind is awhirl.  And bottom line is that much in this brave new world is very similar to the Old Stick in the Mud World:
Some authors make it big.
Many can earn a living by writing REALLY great books.
Some of both groups made it by doing lots of PR, social promo, etc.
Some made it by luck.

But the real bottom line is that an author must write—first, foremost and ALWAYS—because she/he wouldn’t do anything else in this life and be fulfilled.
Clearly, I write what I like...and I like a lot of different kinds of books!
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Morticia Knight said...

So true Cerise! I wish I could have been at the book fair too - but thank you for sharing your thoughts.