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Ella Laurance Gives Us THE ART OF PLEASURE! An Excerpt you will adore!

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Billionaire Trevor Dewey worships the ground his wife Marie walks on. After ten years of marriage, she’s still the centre of his existence. If she falls in love with a painting, he will buy it. And if she falls in lust with his personal assistant, Callum, he will fly them personally to his private island.
Trevor, however, isn’t the kind of man to stand aside and let Marie and Callum have all the fun. He knows that anticipation makes for even more pleasure.

What about a nice and very much adult excerpt of The Art of Pleasure?
He rested his fingers against his crotch, knowing all too well it would draw Marie’s attention to the outline of his hard-on. “You have any idea what the thought of watching you and my personal assistant fucking does to me?”
“You care to give me a hands-on demonstration?” Before he could answer, she was on her knees in front of him, teasing the fly of his dress pants with her fingers. “You have one deliciously dirty mind, Trevor, and one big cock I’m going to suck until you fill my mouth with the best-tasting spunk any man has on offer, and believe me, I’ve tasted a lot of the stuff.” While talking she opened the button and zipper. “Unless you prefer my pussy over my mouth, of course.”
“Am I supposed to choose? You cruel creature…”
She traced her tongue over the full length of his erection, then looked up at him and said, “Nah, I’ll give you both, a nice blow job now and a quickie in the morning.”
She curled her hand, warm and firm, around the shaft of his cock and it made Trevor shiver with anticipation. She had never been afraid to touch him, not even at the very beginning…
“Your cock is different from any other cock I’ve held in my hand,” she said. “I would recognise it blindfolded.”
He knew that she would say it, he trusted her to say those words, and he understood their meaning.
You are special to me. With you, I share something I’ll never share with anybody else.
Her lips around the rim of the crown, her tongue playing with the slit was enough for Trevor to set all thoughts aside and concentrate on the here and now. Then, without even a hint of warning, she went all the way down until she had taken the complete shaft in. Was it even humanly possible to do this?
Trevor threaded his fingers through Marie’s silky hair and he bowed his head towards her to take in her bewitching scent. She had explained all the nuances of perfume to him, but he still had no words to describe the subtle, layered play of her fragrance. A master perfumer had composed this bouquet especially for Marie. It was truly unique.
He wasn’t in the market to brag about his physical prowess, but Trevor was aware of the length and width of the average penis in erection, and he was anything but average. Yet Marie hummed in contentment while she played every trick in the book with her lips and tongue. If that wasn’t enough to send a man to heaven and straight back, then surely her playing with his testicles should do the trick.
No, he didn’t blame himself for shooting his load in record time, as if he was nothing but a teenage boy, jerking off while fantasising about the one-year-older—and totally unreachable—girl next door.
He silently stroked her honey-blonde hair while she gently licked the shaft of his cock clean. She didn’t have to overcome any aversion to swallow every single drop, because she genuinely loved the taste of his cum. If she was able to pretend or lie, he had never seen her do it once. Make no mistake, she was kind in her honesty when she didn’t care about something, but if she said she liked something or someone, then that was how it was.
After a while, he caught his breath again and was able to string a sentence together. “I know you’re horny right now from sucking me. I see it in your eyes, smell it on your skin. Why not bring yourself off while I’m watching?”
Marie stood up, sashayed to the comfortable chair on the other side of the coffee table, took off her knickers and sat down. She put her feet on the edge of the chair and spread her thighs to reveal the most intimate part of her body. She didn’t tease in an attempt to seduce Trevor once more. His body was sated and he simply enjoyed the visual beauty of his wife pleasuring herself.
“Talk to me…” he pleaded.
The husky tone of her voice betrayed how horny she was. “If I hadn’t been wearing underwear, my juices would have trickled down my legs. I became so hot from blowing you. Oh, I know, you’re a true gentleman and so careful with me, but are you going to cradle my head in your hands while Callum fucks my throat?” With the fingers of her left hand she circled and rubbed the hard little nub of her clitoris. Her harsh breathing gave away how close she was to coming. “Will you feed me your cock as he takes me from behind? Will you take me while his spunk drips from my cunt? Will you look into my eyes while I come by another man’s cock and I’ll say ‘I love you’ and he and you and I know the words are only meant for you?”
“I will.”
Those two simple words were enough to push her over the edge. He watched her whole body tense up, how her sweet face looked up at him as if she wanted to share something that by its very nature had to remain a secret. She trusted him enough to show him her vulnerability, her pure openness to his gaze.
Witnessing her fulfilment made him feel richer than the knowledge that his net worth had risen again that day.

Marie Dewey collects paintings and sexual experiences with different men, and her billionaire husband Trevor loves nothing more than to fulfil all her wishes…
Billionaire Trevor Dewey has two great talents—making money and loving his wife, Marie. Marie, in her turn, has two great loves—her husband and art. She's also a sexual freethinker who enjoys one-night stands with other men in the company of her own husband.
Trevor wants nothing more than to make his wife happy, so when she falls in lust with his personal assistant and best friend, Callum, and Callum returns her feelings, he decides to take both of them to his private island off the coast of Scotland for a weekend of sex. And both men will bring Marie to severalunbelievable heights of pleasure during one weekend.
All three know this will be a one-time thing only before life returns to normal.
The Art of Pleasure is available here:
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 About Ella Laurance:
The real life version of Ella Laurance was born and raised in Rotterdam and never really left. She studied (social) history and has done a small assortment of jobs and voluntary work. But writing has been the main theme through all of it.
She’s been with her wife since 1981, and together they have raised two sons. There are also cats. And books. Lots of books.
Ella Laurance also publishes as S. Dora and R.A. Padmos.

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Kate Deveaux said...

Hi Ella, loved The Art of Pleasure, read it as soon as it came out. Really enjoyed that it took place within a happy marriage and the art theme just sweetened the deal. Great work, fun read!

Kate Deveaux