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THE TURNING, A Dr. Kelly Murphy Novel, debuts! Erin R. Flynn gives us a bite!

The Turning
A Dr. Kelly Murphy Novel

Graduate medical school, start competitive internship, don’t get cut from the program, become a surgeon. It was a great plan. One Kelly Murphy loved and had dreamed of most of her life… And it was blown to hell in a night with an uninvited bite.

Now she’s missing three days of her life, trying to handle her freaked out best friend and parents who called the police when she went missing, all as she realizes she’s not the same person she was before. She’s different. Like has fangs different.

When he shows up on her doorstep claiming to know what happened to her, Kelly’s not sure that makes things any less confusing. But at least he can guide her, right? Either way, she has a plan and a choice she didn't make won’t stop her… Even if she might have the urge to bite her patients from now on.

“Well then, if I had known that was what it would take to get you to kiss me, I would have opted for that sooner,” he purred. “Come to me, Kelly.”
“Come to me? Who says that?” I laughed. Still I found myself crawling on my knees over to him and sitting on my feet right in front of him. I grabbed him behind the head, my other hand went on his shoulder and over to his back. The kiss I gave him was one of my personal bests, if I did say so myself.
“I felt that all through my body. Wow,” he whispered against my lips. That reaction caused me to move around him and start to touch his back. Slowly I started to rub his wonderful, firm muscles. “I have never had a woman touch my back like that. Where did you learn to do this?”
“I had a friend in high school who was training to teach people how to be a masseuse. He needed people to practice with and I offered. I learned a lot that way.”
“Well my regards to your teacher.” He let out a small moan and that was my cue to go back to the card game. I took my seat on the other side of the table and dealt the cards. “Why did you stop?”
“I stopped because it would have meant the end of the card game. And I was having fun kicking your over four-hundred-year-old ass,” I replied with a wink.
“Really? Well maybe I should pick up my game a bit. Gin.” He gave me another smirk that made me want to stomp my foot like a little kid. “And I’d like my kiss.”
“I choose the shot, and if you want a kiss, get your ass over here,” I grumbled like a sore loser. And with that his lips were on mine much faster than I could move. If I could still breathe, it would have taken my breath away. I couldn’t help myself, when he pulled away I pulled him right back and took a deeper kiss. “That one was for free.”
“I appreciate it. My deal.” Then he took the cards and tucked my hair behind my ear before he went back to his side of the table. “Are you drunk yet?”
“Almost, you?” I asked, grinning like a fool. The man did know how to kiss, I’d give him that.
“Yes, hence my switching to removing my clothes in front of you. I really am sure I have never played strip gin before.” He snorted, laughing at his own joke. “I like it and you. Are you upset I turned you?”
“I don’t know yet, to be determined. Let’s leave it alone for tonight,” I answered honestly as I grabbed another card. Looking at my hand, I wiggled my eyebrows at him. “Gin, and no kiss this time” After several minutes, and a few more rounds, I was so drunk I started to opt for removing clothing and Brain was down to his boxers. “I’m enjoying the view from over here very, very much.”
“The same goes for me. Gin, and I want my kiss,” he chuckled as he showed me his cards. I took off a sock and leaned over the table for a quick kiss. “That does not count as a kiss. That was a peck.” This time I gave him a real kiss that gave me chills all over my body. “Now that was a kiss, Kelly, one I would like to repeat as often as possible.”
I lost the next three rounds. Took one shot, then removed my other sock, and jeans very slowly while watching Brian watching me. I thought I saw drool before I said, “Brian, come here and claim your kiss. Unless you don’t want one now that I’m down to bra and thong?”
Again, in an instant he was by me, but this time he also picked me up in his arms. I wrapped mine around his neck when he didn’t kiss me immediately. Brian first kissed the base of my throat and worked his way up my neck, little by little. Then he started nibbling on my ear, running his tongue all around it. The moan I let out seemed to be the green light Brian needed to make his move. He had me in my bedroom and on my bed so fast the room blurred.
“I want to feel your body beneath me, Kelly. More than I ever wanted to feel a woman’s body. Mo mhile stór,” he hissed while unclasping my bra. Once gone, he had one hand in my hair and the other caressing my chest.
“What does that mean?” I asked, letting out a loud groan. He lowered his head to mine, looked right in my eyes, and then touched our lips ever so softly.
“It means my thousand treasures. My darling, I want to kiss every inch of your body.” And he did. Each touch and each kiss made me shiver. “Why are you trembling?”
“Your hands and kisses are driving me insane,” I panted, even if I didn’t need the air anymore. It seemed old habits really did die hard. “They are cold and everything feels so sensitive. It’s never been like this before.” It seemed he had my panties and his boxers off at the same time. His hands spread my thighs. Then his fingers were everywhere, inside of me while also playing with my sensitive nub. Brian’s mouth and tongue sucked and licked my nipples while my hands grasped his hair as I held on for the ride.
After I finished my earth shattering orgasm, I quickly flipped us over so this time I was on top. “Thank you,” I whispered then nibbled on his ear, kissed my way down his neck and chest. I licked all around his perfect abs just to tease him before I took him in my hand.
Rath Dé ort! You thought waiting a year was long, I have waited over a hundred,” he yelled. I knew he was telling the truth since there was no cold wave. “Please do not stop, I love the way you touch me. I love the way you kiss me. Go raibh maith agat, go raibh maith agat!” After he finished, I rolled off him and lay against him as he gently played with my hair and kissed me softly.
“What does that all mean?” I asked quietly while rubbing his chest. It was completely smooth, firm, toned, and hairless.
“I said god bless you, and thanked you over and over again for giving me such great pleasure. I do have an insatiable appetite, I should warn you. I want more,” he said with a smile and his eyes gleamed. I could spend weeks looking into Brian’s eyes and still never see everything there was to him. I was still thinking about that when he rolled on top of me, wrapped my thigh around his hip, and entered me slowly.

Behind the Scenes

Ø  What is your favorite type of Hero/Heroine to write about? Why?
I don’t really have a favorite.  I like writing characters from all walks of life… But I will say that at least one main character always has a large part of me in them. For instance some quirk or flaw that is just very me. Kelly in particular, I have a lot in common with. We’re both middle children who have very complicated relationships with our eldest sibling. She and I both like rules… As long as they make sense. If they don’t, we buck and we bitch until the rules adjust accordingly or we flat out break them!

Ø  Give us an interesting fun fact or a few about your book or series.
It was actually the first book I ever wrote long before I was ever published and revamped/edited recently when I revisited the project. I sat down to write it the day I lost another job I hated in corporate America in a shit economy because the company went under… And wrote for over 24 hours, finished the 100+k book in under 2 weeks and immediately started on the sequel. Finishing the rough draft of this novel was one of the proudest moments of my life. I’d never completed any of my stories/writings before besides class assignments, thinking they weren’t good enough to continue and finally I let the negativity go and focused on the story.
What other books are similar to your own?  What makes them alike?
That’s really subjective I’d say. I mean, none to me, but in all fairness any book with a vampire main character. None have my spin and direction for sure. Let me change that up and say I was asked to give the rundown of what shows or movies I blended for the book, not plot, but according to genre, vibe, and dynamic. It took me a while to answer but after a while I ended up with Greys Anatomy and Underworld with a VERY, VERY slight sprinkling of The Prince and Me. They just laughed and agreed that wasn’t a combo they had ever heard of before.

Ø  What tools do you feel are must-haves for writers?
Besides the obvious no shit items like computer, printer, paper, keyboard, etc… I’d say duct tape for when they want to snap back at reviews or stupid comments posted by other authors, something to throw at the wall when their characters misbehave, and lots of migraine medicine because while this is art, it is a job and it’s frustrating a lot of the time.

Ø  Where do you as an author draw the line on gory descriptions and/or erotic content?
Oh fuck… There’s a line? Shit. No one told me that! Damn, it would have been nice to know when I walked over it… It wouldn’t have stopped me, but I would have waved at least or something!

I don’t believe in lines. Actually, that’s not true, I DO believe in certain lines. There won’t ever be rape for titillation, bestiality, incest, Yaoi, underage sex, etc in ANY of my books. Not ever. Other than those, I don’t believe in lines. I don’t do cookie cutter stories, and keeping things inside of the coloring lines or in a box is the same thing. I close my eyes during the scary parts of a movie because it’s not my thing. I skip ahead in books when they’re into something sexual I’m not. It happens. Not every reader is going to like every page or scene in a 105,000 word book. That doesn’t mean the author should curb the whole story and make it blander. (Can you tell this is a sensitive topic I’m passionate about?)

The way we ended up with new genres is that someone decided they weren’t sticking with the way things were or doing what they were told. I applaud that and to me if I do anything else I’m selling out. I write the story where it takes me, not to what is the middle of the road path that will keep the most people bored. If I’ve not shocked a reader at least once with something in the book, I’ve not done my job and I deserve a spanking.


Growing up on the northwest side of Chicago, Erin is a loyal Cubs fan, but she also admits to being a die-hard Green Bay Packers girl. From target practice to candle making, she enjoys an eclectic list of hobbies that feed her outgoing and creative personality.

Feeling unfulfilled with her life in corporate America, Erin decided to pursue her true passion, and her first novella was published in May 2010 under the pseudonym Joyee Flynn. To date, she has published over 70 books in the erotic romance genre, and her dedicated readers eagerly await each installment to her numerous bestselling series. Wanting to give her characters a bit more action, mystery, and adventure, Erin decided to branch out from romance and her Joyee pen name to create successful, strong, independent women with a paranormal twist.

Living near the Rocky Mountains, Erin spends her days curled up on the overstuffed chair with a Mountain Dew and her 8 year old Weimaraner, Marius, at her feet, telling the stories her characters whisper in her ear.  Her love of the written word hasn’t changed much over the years. The only difference is that she no longer has to hide in her closet to read after bedtime.

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