Thursday, August 1, 2013

There is nothing like a dame...with 3 men! Why I love menage and a quatre!

Why do I love menages and a quartre?

Writing them taxes my brain!

How to keep the men uniquely different and appealing?

How to ensure all the body parts work appropriately and there is no ICK Factor?

How to ensure the heroine can enjoy what happens not only physically but emotionally?

THESE, dear reader, are not easy tasks.

And yet, I get a kick from champagne, riding too high with 3 guys on the page is my idea of some hot thing to do!


When Bess Deveraux secures a position as cook in the household of the delectable devil who taught her the joy of loving years ago, she shows him that she has more to offer him now that she is older, wiser and oh so eager to please all the men in his employ.
Bess Deveraux learnt the joy of loving years ago at the hands of a masterful man. But her family forbade her his notorious company. Now, at the opportunity to not only find that man again but also work for him, Bess secures a position in his household.
Lord Taryn Wentworth has no idea where this delightful woman has been or how she managed to stand before him as his cook, but he is determined to enjoy her, her delectable offerings—and to offer them to his male staff as well.
Taryn knows his lovely cook will agree to revel in every delight he has in store for her. After all, pretty Bess is an expert not merely in the fine art of satisfying human appetites, but in the refined art of pleasing many men at once, offering up her succulent body—in the dining room, on the kitchen table, on the floor and anywhere else her fancy or her master’s leads her.
Reader Advisory: This book contains anal sex and the use of sex toys.

And if you haven't read this yet, do go for delicious words by this reviewer for HIS DELECTABLE COOK,

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