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Would you put aside your feud for love? Sascha Illyvich tells us how!

Would you put aside your feud for love?  That's the question Kerian has to ask himself when he finds out his lover's other paramour is HIS ex-boyfriend and rat bastard! Both wolves love Iolite, and their combined intelligence plus wolf DNA and a dose of magic may help aid the wolf packs from the disease spreading throughout Albuquerque, NM. 


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We spend so much time in our lives over fighting and random BS that we often forget the true power of love, which is partially why romance is such a hot genre.  Authors provide an escape from the harshness of reality and even invite ourselves into your bedroom with the ability to grant illusions like the ménage a trois.

For Iolite, she gets the feel of two strong alpha males, both vying for her bed, and she wants them both to win, but if Kerian's not able to see past the mistakes Jackob made, the threesome and the fate of the wolves overall are doomed.

The fun of a ménage lies in the extra opportunities for experimentation and sexual gratification, feeling not one but two hearts beating against your body if you're the woman in the middle of a studly ménage, or just more fun if you're the guy. 

In another ménage story I wrote for Decadent Publishing, there wasn't really any fueding, but negotiations had to take place because the two men in question weren't lovers, though they loved the same things and shared the same women.  The D/s aspect threw things into a different light. 

Even though Jackob and Kerian are both alpha males there isn't a direct D/s aspect to alter the dynamic slightly, Kerian naturally acquiesces to Iolite's wants and needs. 

The excerpt I'm sharing from Torn to Pieces is the first time Kerian and Jackob meet at Iolite's loft in downtown Albuquerque, NM.  I think it captures the tone of the story perfectly, how about you?
Out now! A Menage featuring two sexy wolves, one hot witch and unfulfilled needs..unless Kerian and Jackob resolve their differences and learn to both love Iolite...

"Full of emotion and lust and hot sex." - that's how The Forbidden Bookshelf describes the romances of Sascha Illyvich.

Iolite is a witch in love with two wolves, wanting, needing both to fulfill her life. Both of them are two halves of the same being who she loves. Jackob and Kerian are former lovers turned enemies by pack law, but without the witch’s solution for the disease ravaging the wolves, both packs will certainly die. Both want Iolite, both want to love again but are uncertain of the consequences. Can Jackob and Kerian get past their emotional baggage to help heal Iolite’s broken heart as well as their own in order to save their packs?

Jackob would slaughter him.
Rage consumed him.  Rage at Iolite's choice in wolves.  If she'd have brought in any other wolf, Kerian would be willing to be understanding.  "That fucking prick is your other lover?" Kerian stammered against the wall, setting a hand out for balance. 
Iolite strode forward, ire in her eyes. 
Kerian smelled the cayenne pepper and chili spice from her, indicating her level of anger. 
She frowned.  "I wanted to ease you into the idea at first, before springing the announcement." 
His groin tightened at the sight of Jackob in midair, hovering and eyeing him with a predatory gaze.  "But he's a thief!" And my former boyfriend.
 "No.  That prick is my other lover." She crossed her arms over her ample chest and leaned back against the wall.
Kerian pushed himself away from the opposite wall.  "I see." He glared at her.  "You think one of us will impregnate you?"
The rise and fall of his chest matched hers almost perfectly.  She stared hard at him, the steady resolve in her eyes emphasizing her point.  The pack badly needed this baby.  "I do."
Kerian drew in a deep breath, and let it out slowly.  Slowly, he closed his eyes and put a thumb to his chin.  "I see."  He paused, blinked and then stared back at Iolite.  "Does Jackob know? Can he hear us?"
She nodded her head.  "Yeah, he can hear us.  I thought I'd tell you first, since you're the level headed of the two." She spat the words out vehemently. 
He nodded.  Hands out to his sides, he stepped back from Iolite, her apparent need for breathing room almost strangled him.  "But this assho – guy's a thief.  He'd rob his own mother and sell her blood for cash."
"How do you know?" She stepped forward, poking a fingernail into his chest, punctuating every word.  "What proof do you have? I've seen the news.  Do you honestly think I'd be with a brute?"
He coughed, "I uh, well no!"
Kerian glanced at the frozen Jackob.  His hair remained spread out behind him, the dangerously sensual gaze, and that perfect mouth, he reminded Kerian of too many things from the past. 
Or so he thought.  Jackob still had beautiful lips.  He remembered kissing them many a time; after work, first thing in the morning.  First thing before bed.  They weren't as soft as Iolite's, but still inviting, nonetheless. 
"Then what's the deal, Kerian? Why the instant hostility?"
"Hey, he attacked me," Kerian crossed his arms over his chest.  "So ask him." Kerian turned away.
Iolite huffed, "Fine.  Jackob, I'm going to unfreeze your head.  You will answer me?"
Kerian looked at Jackob and saw him blink. 
Iolite snapped her fingers.  Instantly, ice disappeared from Jackob's head.  "What the fuck, Iolite? Why did you–"
She raised a hand and pointed a finger in his direction. 
Jackob shut up.
"Now," she stepped over to him.  "You're my beautiful lover too.  A gorgeous alpha any woman would be proud to have, just like Kerian.  Why attack him and disrespect my home?" Her voice dropped a few notches. 
Jackob snickered.  "He probably didn't tell you, did he?"
Iolite faced Jackob, nodding.  "About the stealing, yes.  And I defended you."
Kerian couldn't believe Iolite used her seductress voice on him, at a time like this. 
Jackob tried to move, but peered down at his body, still frozen in ice.  He rolled his eyes and looked back at Iolite.  "No, silly.  Don't you wonder why we know each other, intimately?"
"No," she shook her head and looked at Kerian.  "What is he talking about?"
Kerian bit his bottom lip. 
"Tell him, Kerian.  Or are you still ashamed of our past?" Jackob spat the words out.
With a clenched fist, Kerian stepped towards Jackob.  "I was never ashamed of us!" Kerian growled. 
"Hah," Jacob scowled.  "You never told your pack about us.  You never came out of the closet." Jackob's words loomed in the air for a moment. 
Kerian swallowed the lump forming in his throat. 
Jackob lowered his head.  "At least I made some in my pack aware of our affair.  They didn't give me shit about it."
Kerian's shoulders fell.  "You don't understand.  I don't have the–"
Jackob scoffed.  "Same moral fibers I have.  Or the same pride.  Right.  Iolite, let me go from this ice."
Iolite arched a curious brow, while biting her lip.  "Promise you'll behave?"
Jackob nodded. 
With a wave of her hand, the ice from Jackob's body melted and disappeared, as though never present.
He landed, bending down on one knee.  Jackob bowed low, swept up the mess of hair that fell in front of him, then stood to his full height.
Kerian's breath caught in his throat.  His heart hammered in his chest.  Jackob's long, dark, mane still managed to enhance his ruggedness, and cause blood flow to divert south. 
Iolite's gaze never left Jackob's body. 
Jackob strode across the room and stopped in front of Iolite.  He placed his mouth on hers, nibbled her bottom lip, while circling her waist with his large arm and pulling her to him.
Damn him! Ire surged through Kerian's veins at the sight.  He'd have to accept another male in her life, it wouldn't be right to leave her for long periods of time without contact from him.  But .  .  .  Jackob?  The kiss dragged on. 
Kerian tapped his foot.  "Ahem."
Jackob broke from the kiss.  "Oh yeah.  I haven't forgotten you, my proud wolf." Long legs crossed the distance in two steps, until Jackob stood close enough for his scent to fill Kerian's nose.  Jackob's nostrils flared.  "You haven't changed, babe."
Heart still thundering against his ribs, Kerian arched an eyebrow.  Before he could react, Jackob reached for his head, yanking his mouth against his.
Jackob's lips pressed hard against Kerian's, hot and hungry, demanding. 
A thick, wet, tongue invaded Kerian's mouth, swirling over teeth and tongue, lower lip.  Sucking in a breath, Kerian set his hands on Jackob's well-chiseled chest, but his efforts to push the other wolf off died the moment he made contact.
Hips bumped against Kerian's, grinding his rather large cock against Kerian's body.
Jackob pulled back, captured Kerian's lower lip and nibbling with his lips, before he dragged his teeth across the other man's tongue. 
Kerian tasted darkness, wild, suggestive things, still present between them.  His mind warred with his hardened body, prick throbbing, heaving between his legs. 
Jackob's massive size seemed to surround Kerian's body.  The pad of Jackob's tongue slid over Kerian's lip, tracing a pattern down his jaw, as fingers tangled in his hair and tugged him into the kiss.
Knees weak, Kerian didn't have to be dragged, really.  Not now anyway.
Kerian sucked in a breath, setting his hands on Jackob's shoulders, and enjoyed the feeling of Jackob's canines working a path of heat down his neck and over his clavicle. 
Iolite stood off in the distance, her hands wandering over her body.  Kerian saw her caressing her breasts, teasing the nipples into tight points. 
God, what he wouldn't do to have those breasts in his mouth, while Jackob fucked him from behind.
Kerian squeaked, feeling a pair of teeth drag across his taut nipple. 
Jackob straightened and looked him in the eye.  "I thought so." He smiled, stepped back and took a bow.  He turned toward Iolite.  "Babe, I'll see you later.  Bring the pup if you want.  We'll talk about this stupid disease, and how your wolf's blood can help us."

Buy Link:  http://www.amazon.com/Torn-To-Pieces-ebook/dp/B00DMKT8SK/r

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