Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Italian men, any way you can get one!
I've noticed an uptick in romances staring Italian men. Luscious, sculpted of face and form, tall and dark, they seem to proliferate on the pages lately.
Me? I am obsessed with them. (Okay, the food, the villas, the climate...and yes, the Siena region where the men seem to ooze sex appeal along with a mellow baritone or bass voice that speaks of sambuca.
My first erotica romance for EC, MIA DOLCE, starred an Italian stallion who was also an international gourmet food distributor. I adored him. SLURP.
Since then I have yearned to return and so my next one will star one of these fabulous looking men. sigh.
Why do you think Italian men are so appealing?
Is it their looks or that marvelous mysterious look in their eyes?

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