Thursday, September 12, 2013


BOOK ONE, The Stanhope Challenge
Regencies are hot hot hot!
Mine are scalding!
Read any?

You should, you can. THE STANHOPE CHALLENGE is a quartet about 3 brothers and one bastard who have problems with their love lives!

LORD STANHOPE must marry! He has aspirations to political power, you see, and he needs a wife. A comely, biddable wife. What he gets is a hellfire in his bed...and in his heart!
BOOK TWO, The Stanhope Challenge

The second oldest brother is a cavalryman. Or rather, he was. Now he hides himself away in the family hunting lodge, only to be found out by the one woman he has desired...and who now he refuses to marry. LADY FEATHERSTONE, however, has other ideas and follows him to his lodge. Note too that in this book is an extra story about the Stanhope's illegitimate sister. LADY RAMSEY has a special problem. She adores her staff. All men, you see. And the only way to read this story is to read LADY FEATHERSTONE.

Book THREE, Jack's story
The oldest brother, Jack, has no intentions of marrying anyone. Never has. The family is cursed you see. They say none of the unions is ever happy. In fact, all are quite dreadfully unhappy. But one night Jack is waylaid in his carriage by a young minx who offers...well, herself. She wants to be ruined, you see. Ruined by Jack, a most notorious rake. She is charming, lovely, devastated and once she explains her reasoning, Jack is more than intrigued. He is determined to free her from her nemesis, a man of utterly horrid repute.

THE BASTARD of the family is half English, half American, all privateer. When he goes to England, he finds himself enchanted by a lady who would never accept a untitled illegitimate man for her husband. So then what is she doing hiding in his hold after he sets sail? And why can't he keep his hands off her? And how in hell can he keep her from harm when a Moroccan pirate seizes his ship and abducts her?
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Lord Stanhope’s Improper Proposal

Lady Featherstone Fervent Affair


Lady Varney’s Risque Business:

The Bastard’s Passionate Prize

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