Friday, September 20, 2013

Regency popularity? A few ideas why! What are yours?

My Regency romance with a tad of suspense!
Yes, use of stockings, too!
The Regency era as we have come to know it in historical romance fiction represents quite a few qualities. Is there room for any variety?

I want to know!

Best selling Regencies, IMHO, have a few traits in common:

1. Wit or humor is required of hero, heroine and perhaps even in the plot!

2. A fiasco of some sort pops up to challenge the hero/heroine and they must use their noggins to solve the issue. USUALLY it is the woman who has her head screwed on straight, however. Hey, this is romance, donchaknow? NO TooStupidToLive Heroines, please!

3. Balls, gardens, misunderstandings abound.
We must dance, smell the roses and misperceive each other to make it a viable period piece.

4. The hero must be Above the Fray, usually not wishing to marry, though (handtobrow) he must, poor boy, for the sake of (pick one) the family, the estate, daddy, mom, sister in distress, et al.

5. Heroines tend to be smarter than the average gal. Well read, though most were not in that period. Well dressed, if she can afford it. Beautifully underdressed, if she is smart.

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What do you love most about Regencies? Why do you read them?
And what, pray tell, would you like to see in them that are not there?

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