Friday, October 11, 2013

Do you care if an author writes different genres with same name?

Seattle. MY Pix of Needle and Sounds, not cuz it means
anything here. Just love the pix!
Thought you would like, too!
What's in a name?
Shakespeare said a rose by another other...would still be...the same.
So what is the big fuss over pseudonyms?
I get it that an author now and then needs to protect the sanctity of different types of fiction from each other. I know a few authors who write inspirational and yes, erotic romance, too!
My ARMY hero
The fault, Dear Reader, is not in those authors' stars, but in their desire to write, write, write whatever appeals to their inner Muse. Some do very well, others not so much.
But I ask you, Dear Reader, does it mean anything to you that an author might have more than one name under which he/she writes?
Frankly, my dear, I break out in hives in an author self-pubs a book and doesn't take time to send it to an editor OR a copyeditor.
But hey, I would love to know if you have:

  • ever deserted an author entirely because they write in different sub-genres?
  • ever deserted one author's pseudonym for the one you thought was better?
  • ever thought of having more than 2 or 3 names yourself?
And finally, to dress up the page, my military heroes. YUM.
My SEAL hero

 #20 on Amazon Best-seller list: my DELTA FORCE hero!

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