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Cool Gin & Hot Jazz With a Fun Dose of History by Morticia Knight!

Historicals. They can be a challenge to write. It helps if you have a genuine interest in the era you’re writing about. Otherwise, it can turn into a PTSD memory of college finals. And if it feels like homework to you, just think what a snoozer it will be for anyone reading it!

As it turns out, I love The Golden Age, so I was excited to dive right in to the Gin & Jazz series. I brazenly though that I knew so much about the era already that research would be a breeze. Ha! In order to stay completely true to the 1920’s, and the New York and Los Angeles settings – every little detail had to be gone over. How much was a cup of coffee? What were the trolley lines called, and in what part of the city did they run? Was the Musso & Frank Grill on Hollywood Blvd in business in 1924, and were they in the same location? (the answer is yes and no).

Every fabric, style, location, price, artifact and current event had to be verified. At the end of it (not really – I have three more books to write in the series!), I learned some amazing things, and have bookmarked several websites just for the cool photographs alone. Razzle Dazzle ( Gin & Jazz 2), picks up where the shy and innocent Jack has been left by his lover. His film career has begun to take off, but none of that matters without true love. Screen idol Roman Pasquale has obsessed over Jack for a while, trying to convince the golden-haired boy he first saw at a studio party to give him a chance. In this excerpt, Roman’s carefully planned seduction has finally won Jack over.

Jack is on the verge of silent film stardom, but Hollywood glory won’t heal his broken heart. Then the seductive screen idol—Roman Pasquale—sweeps Jack away, and makes him his own. Will Roman’s obsessive love finally bring Jack true happiness?

Jack didn’t even bother taking the menu. He knew Roman would order and, truthfully, he didn’t care one bit what they ate anyway. Even if he had to beg Roman to make love to him, it was going to happen that night. There was a sense of freedom as soon as the thought hit him. It was okay. He could be with Roman, and it would all be wonderful. He could feel it.
 “They are bringing us both Crab Louie salads. I thought we might not want to eat anything too heavy this evening.”
Roman paused, seeming to gauge Jack’s reaction.
“I agree.”
Roman’s mouth curled into a seductive smile and Jack knew it wouldn’t be long.
“I asked them to add avocado to yours. I know how you like it.”
“Thank you, Roman. You always seem to know what I want.”
“Do I? Hmm. I wonder what it is that you might be wanting right now.”
Jack swallowed. “You.”
Roman adjusted himself in the booth. He gave Jack another smile, and waved his hand in the air. The waiter appeared immediately.
“Cheque, please.”
That seemed to confuse the server. “Sir?”
“The cheque. Now. You may box up the salads and give them to my driver.”
The waiter left, shaking his head.
Roman moved in closer to Jack. “Shall we?”
“Yes. We shall.”
“Then I am the happiest man alive.”
Jack left it at that. Anything else he might try to say could ruin the moment. And he wanted this moment to stay forever in his heart as potent and alive as it felt right then.
Jack wasn’t sure how he made it back out to the car, but he was aware of the cooling night air, and how well Juan kept his expression blank. It most likely was a skill he had learned from working for the great Roman Pasquale for so long. Jack waited for Juan to open the back door this time. He was getting the hang of the whole movie star thing. It still seemed silly in a lot of ways, but it wasn’t bad. After all, if it meant Juan had a good job, then he supposed it was worth it.
As soon as they were both seated and the car drove out of the parking lot, Jack could feel the tension and heat between them. He looked shyly over at Roman. There was such a look of anticipation on Roman’s face as he considered Jack, that he didn’t know how they would be able to contain themselves for the ride home. Touching was out of the question.
“Only twenty minutes more, Jack Stone.”
Jack’s breath hitched in his throat. It was impossible for him to speak.
The ride took what amounted to forever for Jack, and as they passed through the elaborate wrought iron gates and up the driveway past the marble fountain, tears stung  Jack’s eyes. It was all too much. The last time he had been there, all that had happened since then, and now…
As soon as the vehicle came to a halt on the gravel driveway right next to the front steps, panic rose inside Jack.
Roman gently touched his shoulder. “Jack?”
He gulped in mouthfuls of air and gripped the edge of the back seat of the Hudson.
He heard Roman say something to Juan about leaving the car for later, and Jack was relieved that Juan had left. He just wanted to be completely alone with Roman. He laughed. That was the exact opposite of the way he’d felt a while before.
Roman slid in the seat next to Jack, put an arm around his shoulders and drew him close.
“Jack. If you’re not ready…”
Jack turned in Roman’s embrace, threw his arms about Roman’s neck and kissed him hard on the lips. He thrust his tongue in Roman’s mouth, aching to taste him there, and everywhere. Roman yanked Jack onto his lap, and battled him for dominance. They grasped and clung to one another in the raw hunger of denial. Roman clutched the greased strands of Jack’s hair, and held him fast in the ferocious kiss.
Jack struggled to get as close as he could to Roman, and was finally able to straddle him. Their dress clothes tangled between them, the soft fabrics sliding into bunches, creating frustrating barriers. Jack ground his erection into Roman’s abdomen, his swollen ball sacs rubbing against Roman’s impressive hardness as he rocked back and forth.
Roman broke the kiss and bit the side of Jack’s neck. It was just enough to simultaneously hurt and drive him wild. Roman licked the spot he’d nipped with long slow caresses of his tongue. Cum dripped from Jack’s tip, and he knew he couldn’t last. Still Roman lapped at his neck, nibbled at the sensitive crook and moved to his throat, licking his way up to Jack’s chin.
“Oh, Roman, I need you. I need you inside me.”
Roman stopped his journey. He pulled Jack’s head back by his hair. His eyes were even darker than Jack remembered.
“Then you shall have what you want. But not here.
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Thank you Cerise for letting me and Jack take over your blog today!

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