Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Desiree Holt Does IT again with newest, LOCK AND LOAD

Two people who want a relationship built on trust yet neither believe in it…until he shows her how to accept his domination and she learns the true meaning of submission.
Beau Williams, the perfect sniper, has achieved success by closing himself down emotionally. He desperately wants to find a permanent sub who enjoys spanking and caning as much as he enjoys administering them, but he doesn’t know if he can open himself up to another person ever again.

Megan Welles is still struggling with her need to be a submissive. She wants a man who will give her that without destroying the strength she needs for her job as sports reporter. And she’s tired of hooking up in bondage clubs but never connecting emotionally with anyone.

When she meets Beau and takes him home for the night, something clicks between them, but how will they deal with the struggle to open up their emotions to each other?

Excerpt: All rights reserved, Copyright Desiree Holt, 2013.

Megan was standing exactly the way he’d left her, a properly obedient sub. He sucked each hardened nipple until each was thoroughly wet, then he opened his hand to show her what lay in his palm. The nipple clamps he’d chosen were connected by a weighted chain. Each nipple would slip into a metal frame and a screw at the side tightened it to the degree desired by the Dom. Beau tugged a nipple through one of the clamps and turned the screw until he saw both pain and pleasure suffuse Megan’s face. He gave the screw a final turn, pleased to note the tensing of her entire body.
“In a minute these will be a nice shade of red,” he said in an almost offhand manner. “Then I can paddle that ass so you match front and back.”
He saw her swallow, hard, but there was only eager expectation in her gaze.
He fastened the other clamp in place then tugged on the chain, pulling her closer to him.
“If you were mine,” he told her in a thick voice, “I’d make you wear these all the time. I’d sit next to you in a restaurant with your blouse unbuttoned so I could reach in and tug on this any time I wanted to.”
Megan wet her lips. “People would see us.”
“Not if I hid you with my body.” His cock flexed at the image in his mind. “That’s part of the turn-on. Knowing what we’re doing, in front of everyone, but they can’t see it.”
“You said if I were yours—” She stopped. “Permission to ask a question, Sir?”
He nodded.
“Did you have something in mind beyond tonight, in this room?”
His gaze locked with hers. “And if I said yes, how would you feel?”
“You have permission to speak,” he reminded her.
He forced himself to relax as he waited for her answer. Was he going too fast here? But ,Jesus! She’d been all he’d thought about since their sessions at The Edge, and he didn’t exactly have a lot of free time to dick around. His feelings for her shocked him and he needed to know if she felt the same way.
“Well?” he prompted.
“I—would like that, Sir.”
He was stunned at the uncertainty in her eyes. What could possibly cause this obviously strong woman to doubt herself? He steeled himself not to react. Whatever it was, he’d find out in a different environment. One where he wasn’t distracted by the intensity of his sexual need for her. But his voice was soft when he spoke to her again.
“Maybe we can arrange just that.”
He was rewarded by a tiny smile, absent of any impudence or sassiness. He wanted to take that as a sign she was as much affected by their time together as he was. But tonight they had other business to attend to.
“Skirt off,” he ordered.
The slide of the zipper was like a harsh whisper in the room. When the bit of leather fell to the floor and she was nude except for her shoes, he nearly swallowed his tongue. The reality was even better than the memory. His eyes focused on the plump lips of her pussy, outlined with neat rows of curls that reminded him she was a real blonde. Not that he’d been able to forget.
He could already smell the scent of her musk, so arousing that his cock throbbed.
Megan had resumed the submissive pose, eyes looking downward, hands clasped behind her back, feet apart. Beau ran a finger through her gleaming slit, tugging on the chain connecting the nipple clamps with his other hand. When he lightly scraped a fingernail over her clit, a shiver skated over her and she widened her legs even more, invitingly.
He pinched her clit before stepping back.
“Tonight I’m going to decorate that tasty piece of flesh with jewelry, too, but first I think a little punishment is in order, don’t you? For not being here the last two times I came hunting for you.”
She nodded, gaze still lowered.
“Excellent.” He pointed to his left. “Keep the shoes on and arrange yourself over that padded bench.”
He watched as she followed his directions, the heels giving her just the right height to fold herself over the padded leather so she had balance and her ass was beautifully displayed for him. From another drawer, he withdrew a short but thick leather strap, similar to the longer ones old-time barbers used to use. And maybe in some places still did.
Studying the sweet curve of her buttocks, he ran his hand over the upturned cheeks, loving that satiny feel of her skin beneath his touch. He couldn’t wait to see it blazing hot from the application of the strap.

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