Monday, December 2, 2013

Will SANTA put a man in your stocking?
How really good will Santa be to you this holiday?
Will he put a man in your stocking?
Or…um…in your panties?
Will he be the right man?
(Please, God, let him be kind, smart, buff and OH. SO. HOT!)
SANTA, CUTIE is all about the gifts we ask for and the ones we receive. Susanna Corrigan asks Santa Claus to make her holiday merry with the right man, if only for one night.
When she arrives in (yes) Alaska for her rendezvous, she waits nervously for the man she requested to show. 
When he does, she is astonished that for once in her life, she gets the Nice Package of a handsome outside, and a Sweet Package of a caring man on the inside!
If you need a little pick me up this Christmas, try SANTA, CUTIE…and ask him to hurry down your chimney BUY LINK:

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