Friday, April 4, 2014

#Regency Stanhope Challenge stars 4 brothers, 4 love affairs, 4 marriages...cursed to go wrong!

THE STANHOPE CHALLENGE quartet ~ Top 10 best-selling erotica Regencies on 3 different lists for over 8 months! Out now in BOX SET!


The Stanhope Challenge, Book 1
ARe BestsellerLord Adam Stanhope faces the Stanhope Challenge of wanting to marry…and knowing it will be loveless and tormenting. But he takes one look at his childhood friend, now a lovely widow, and proposes a marriage in name only. But when he learns that his bride is determined to be his lover as well as his wife, he faces a bigger challenge: Accept her delicious offer to delight them both in bed or spend his life in a greater torment…alone.


The Stanhope Challenge, Book 2
ARe BestsellerWillful Lady Lacy Featherstone knows how the lack of love can warp a person’s life. When her dashing fiancé, Colonel Wesley Stanhope retreats to his hunting lodge after a devastating cavalry injury in Spain, she sweeps into Wes’s hideaway with a scandalous proposal. Wes will make her his wife or she’ll make him her lover. But if Lacy cannot conquer the Hero of Talavera with logic and kisses, how risqué must she become to prove that she is his equal in fortitude…and the only one worthy to grace his bed?
Bonus! This title includes a free read, Lady Ramsey’s Ribald Choices. Don’t miss this additional installment to the Stanhope Challenge series!
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The Stanhope Challenge, Book 3
Night Owl Romance To PickARe BestsellerEmma Darling needs a protector and when she appeals to Jack Stanhope, she knows that the noted rake has never wished for a wife. That’s fine by Emma, who wants a husband—and not just in name—but only for little while.
Jack is keen to avoid the bad luck that plagues Stanhope marriages, but this gamin beauty rouses his protective instincts and his satyr’s hunger. Can he escape their temporary marriage and a few, blissful weeks of carnal delight with his heart intact? Or will taking her to his bed ruin each of them for any other lover?


The Stanhope Challenge, Book 4
Blurb: When the bastard of the Stanhope clan falls for an heiress, he has no idea how much she will sacrifice to have him as her husband. Her good name, her home, her family and her virtue. A man can be noble for only so long. But when she stows away on his ship—and they are blown off course and taken by Barbary pirates, what else will she do to save the man she adores?
And can he find a way to save her life—even if he cannot save her from these ruthless ruffians?

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