Tuesday, May 13, 2014

#sealsgoinghot —a SEALs series you want! May 16 w. RIDE THE MUSTANG; May 20 at 7 Central a TWITTER PARTY!

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Then, sign in, sign up for the TWITTER PARTY, come aboard for a hot hot hot new SEALs series that, yes, will never end!

We have prizes for your attendance at this event...so run!

May 16 Desiree Holt with RIDE THE MUSTANG

June 13 Cerise DeLand with BURNING FOR NERO

July 18 Samantha Cayto with CATCHING EAGLE'S EYE

August 15 Brenna Zinn with TOUCHING MIDAS

Allll summer long, you sizzle with our SEALs.

No easy nights for you, friends....
Tee hee.

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