Thursday, May 29, 2014

Why we love #menage...and need more of them!

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Fantasy is such a big part of reading fiction. So adding a woman's ultimate desire to be waited on and pleased by not just one but many men is The Hot Fudge Sundae of reading erotic romance...and putting the cherry on top!

Why do we love a good menage story?
Ah. Let me count the ways.

First, we women know...after a certain period of time with one lover, that he might need a bit of inspiration now and then.

Why? It's human nature to take the everyday for granted. To do It with ease and the expert techniques we know are tried and true. But after a while, well, hey, you need variety, something different.

And let's face it, ANY indication to some men that they are living up to your need for new ideas in the sack is a challenge to their egos.

But adding another man to the mix? Adding 2 more men to the mix?

Oh boy. That requires that he sublimate his ego and his natural tendency to "protect" (and let that read "own") his woman.

Not every man can do that. In BIND ME CLOSE, Wade Saxon has a very hard time deciding how he can do that to please his woman.  I leave it to you to read how he does that...but let me continue.

Women's bodies are built so differently and work so differently from men's, especially during sex. The very fact that she can go for three, four or more orgasms and enjoy the heck out of each one, also means that if her man has no holding power, he can be done and she's just getting revved. THIS can be a huge problem in a long term relationship, causing arguments and worse.

A woman on the other hand may have as many psychological challenges with mating with more than one man. She may worry how to satisfy both. (I dare say that this one can be quickly overcome by trying it...and learning that one woman can do a man right and do two just as well at the same time. After all, men's wiring is geared to sizzle at a quicker rate than a woman's. He and his buddy can take turns and she's just getting going.)

But some women get a charge out of more than two men. This requires some planning and choreography on the part of all partners.

It also demands that none of the men involved get territorial. If they have even a hint of that, the entire enjoyment is blown.

I hope when you try your first menage or more that you will trust your male partners physically and emotionally to do right by you. Also that they have come to an agreement among themselves  that the best enjoyment will come from cooperation and imagination.

I do hope you also try ROPE ME IN, #1 in this series, where 3 brothers have a raging interest in one woman...and they make it work!

In #2 in the series, TIE ME DOWN, we have a shibari master and the conflict between the two men is a major issue.

In STEAL ME AWAY, the prequel to this series, a Comanche warrior kidnaps an Anglo woman...and the menage comes from the historical practice of permitting the wife of the older brother to take the husband's younger brother when he goes out to count coup. BTW, this book is very historically accurate from the abduction of an Anglo woman from her home of which there were many—and the decision by many women to remain with their Indian husbands.

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