Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Is a #SEAL your passion? #sealsgoinghot Party tomorrow night! July 17! SWAG, baby!

Need a SEAL? Have 4 of them in spirit and truth tomorrow night as 4 of us lead you to a Party!
Desiree Holt, Samantha Cayto, Brenna Zinn and I do our debut FB party tomorrow night! And you want to be there.
Go sign up NOW at our FB page: #sealsgoinghot
Prizes from each author allllll through the day!
RIDE THE MUSTANG by Desiree is out now! HAS FABulous reviews.
BURNING FOR NERO, my own, stars a midshipman who has the hots for his buddy's widow. OUT NOW! With fab 5 star reviews!
CATCHING EAGLE's EYE came out July 12. Yummy M/M by scintillating  Sman Cayto!
TOUCHED BY MIDAS by Brenna Zinn comes roaring out August 13.
Party with us tomorrow night!
                                              BURNING FOR NERO

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