Saturday, August 23, 2014

Desiree Holt gets 4 stars from RT for her new FINDNG JULIA, sizzling women's fiction

RT gives it 4 stars!
FINDING JULIA by Desiree Holt
“Julia meets Luke, a man who completes her, and his instant commitment to her endures their many missed opportunities. Readers will keep rooting for Julia and patiently flip the pages because she hits the jackpot with Luke. Julia bends over backwards to keep her family together, and it ultimately takes years to make things right. Fortunately, her man knows what he wants and needs, and Holt knows what her fans will love.” – RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars

And thank you so much!

Finding Julia 

From Kensington Publishing
Now available for preorder
Can a moment of passion outlast years of secrets and misery?

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