Saturday, September 27, 2014

Real #Regency #dudes who were Great Lovers! Know any? Cerise DeLand has 'em!

A quick lesson in Regency lovers today!
Yes, I have 3 men for you.
Who are they?
Take a look, who do you think these guys are?
They were famous, infamous and loved women. Lots of them. Yes, they had wives. No, they did not always either love or honor them.
Who are they?
#1 was an aristocrat. We note all that icing on his jacket.
I will give you a few hints. He married a very popular woman. This was his first wife and when she died in childbirth in 1818 many in her country were bereft. Her uncles hastened to marry. Her accoucher (doctor in attendance) was so distraught at her death and that of the baby that he committed suicide.
And what of her husband?
It is said he truly loved his wife. She was in fact. His first. He retired to his own country in grief.
Thought to be extremely handsome, he had no trouble finding comfort in the arms of a few paramours.
But then he married again. This time he wed for another alliance and the marriage was said to be very happy.


#2 also displays icing and a killer hat. Who was his haberdasher?
No matter. The lady who loved him was not interested in

This gentleman was never rich nor titled, but he was gloriously famous.  Yes, that's how he acquired all this icing.

The woman who loved him—and who carried on shamelessly in public with him—was from the servant class. With her beauty and acquired manners and some charm, she attracted this man even though she was already married. And so was he.

He died long before she did.
He left her nothing but memories.
And she died a pauper.

#3 I'm certain you will know. He is so famous. Not only did he serve his country in war, but also as prime minister in peace. He was a second son, making his name in the military. And he had a wife whom he hardly ever saw. All that war, you realize, keeps a man terribly occupied.

He did have quite a few lovers. Few proclaimed their liaison in public. All that was fine by him because he was, you see, a modest man. Note he wears little icing. He need not, he is so well-known to his contemporaries.

His love life was a mixed bag. When young he wanted to marry a woman whose family would not permit the match. He was, they said, too unimportant. Only after he made a name for himself in India did they consent.  Happiness did not last with them and he went on to other lovers.

One mistress he loved more than any other was alcohol. It is said that outside one men's club they had to erect a bar so that when he left at night he would be able to hold on, stand up straight and thereby, keep his dignity.

And the women who loved them?
Here they are. What do you think?
#1 Princess Charlotte of United Kingdom,
Princess Royale, daughter of George IV

Emma Hamilton, who posed often this time with few clothes!

#2 Emma Hamilton
Early painting by Romney
Duchess of Wellington

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