Saturday, November 15, 2014

STANHOPE CHALLENGE hits #14 on Amazon Regency list and hits #49 on ARe BIG LIST!

ARe readers put STANHOPE on their

Fanning myself with my lace and pearl fan!!!! THE STANHOPE CHALLENGE box set is flying high! Thanks to all of you readers who adore a good Regency tale!
I grope about for my smelling salts. I sit and tap my toes on Aunt Matilda's Aubusson rug. Can I dance alone in the parlor? Will she think me mad? Send me off to Bedlam?
Fanning self.
I planned to look at all my pictures from my recent scrumptious trip to Paris and upload them to my computer. But gee, I may have to go sneak a cup of hubby's brandy.
I will be putting up good pix, you realize, don't you?
Of Malmaison. Swoon.
And Fountainebleau. Be still my heart.
Saint Chappelle. Oh my.
Chantilly. I am definitely using Chantilly in a story soon. Did you know that the Duc d'Aumale who was the last inhabitant, was brother to Charles X, last Bourbon king, donchaknow, and he fled to England with a to-die-for art collection.
So I have to use that, don't I?
tee hee.
You know I will!
THANK YOU (blazing big kisses) to all of you who are buying my books and loving them!
Where is that brandy....

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